Spot the 7 Signs of Aging

Stop aging in its tracks with OPTIPHI®


OPTIPHI® aims to create true skin rejuvenation through the use of optimal concentrations of active ingredients. Used in synergy – the products will allow for positive homeostatic influence (PHI) on a cellular level. This slows down the aging process and improves the health and well being of your skin.


The 7 signs of aging are the symptoms of the 5 mechanisms of aging. Recognizing the 7 signs will help you to identify problem skin and understand how OPTIPHI® works against specific ill-conditions to slow the aging process:



1: Dehydration

Dehydration is the lack of moisture in the skin. It’s a result of the skin’s inability to retain water in the epidermis. As skin ages and is exposed to the elements, it becomes dehydrated unless critical moisture levels are replenished.



2: Impaired skin barrier function

With age, skin experiences increased transepidermal water loss (TEWL), a decrease in water-binding properties, and a reduction in skin surface lipids. It is essential that skin barrier function is maintained to prevent dehydration.



3: Uneven skin pigmentation

Also called hyperpigmentation, is a result of an over production of melanin in uneven concentrated areas. Not only does melanin give hair and skin its colour, it also helps to protect the skin form UV rays. Hyperpigmentation is caused by hormonal imbalances, sun exposure and environmental damage to the skin.


4: Loss of skin firmness

Collagen and elastin fibers breakdown as we age – resulting in skin losing its firmness and elasticity. It results in sagging features and a loss of skin volume. Using a good moisturizer that helps to replenish collagen and elastin will keep your skin soft and supple.


5: Increased skin roughness and wrinkles

As collagen breaks down, wrinkles begin to form in the skin. By supplementing the loss of collagen, you can enjoy youthful, healthy skin with a refined texture.


6: Enlarged pores

As sun damage takes its toll and the epidermis thickens due to chronological aging , the rims of cells weaken causing individual pores to enlarge. This exaggerated pore diameter can be eliminated with a thorough skin care regime that includes effective exfoliation.


7: Erthema / Redness

Poorly maintained skin causes increased blood flow to superficial capillaries resulting in redness and inflammation. This is exaggerated by any skin injury, infection, or environmental stress.



It feels great to love your skin! OPTIPHI® is designed to address the 5 mechanisms of aging to reduces the 7 signs of aging. Leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy!


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