Younger Looking Skin One Cell at a Time

The secret to more youthful looking skin lies in optimizing cellular function


OPTIPHI® focuses on achieving Positive Homeostatic Influence (PHI) within skin cells. The proven actives in our products create skin balance, setting the stage for optimum cellular performance. This is the secret to younger looking skin.


Positive Homeostatic Influence

Homeostasis is an internal cellular process. In order to maintain balance cells undergo physiological processes to ensure homeostasis.

The correct environment allows for optimal cellular functioning resulting in comparatively physiological younger, less stressed skin.


Cellular Rehabilitation

Yes – skin cells can be rehabilitated. As we age cellular function slows down. OPTIPHI® products help to rehabilitate skin cells to reestablish optimal skin function.
Younger looking skin cell by cell

OPTIPHI® products are formulated and designed to aid in:

  • Prevention of further deterioration of skin cells
  • Promotion of cellular optimization
  • Creation of positive homeostatic influence

By focusing on the individual cells of the skin, OPTIPHI® ensures that cells function as the premium building blocks of younger looking skin.


Scientifically Proven

The actives in OPTIPHI® products are carefully selected and their efficacy is clinically proven. A key active found in relevant products is Retinol, which is proven to assist in the reversal of established sun damage, whilst assisting in prevention of further skin cell damage. Quality and consistency is key to OPTIPHI®, so rest assured that you are giving your skin cells the very best.

There is no better feeling than loving your skin! OPTIPHI® works at cellular level and is the perfect solution to younger looking skin.


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