A healthy Body makes for Healthy Skin

Take a holistic approach to looking and feeling healthy with these 5 health ideas

Fitness accessories with sport shoes and clothing, drinking water and towel

At OPTIPHI® we are all about healthy, beautiful skin. Achieving this is so much easier when you combine our award winning products with a healthy lifestyle that includes keeping your body fit. Making healthier lifestyle choices and taking up physical activities are crucial to a successful skincare routine that produces results you want. To help you on your way, here are some ideas to get you moving and feeling fabulous:


  1. Why not take up golf?

Not only is golf a great form of exercise, it’s also really social. Gather some friends and visit one of the many picturesque golf courses South Africa has to offer. Enjoying the fresh air and open spaces is also great stress reliever.


  1. How about mountain biking (MTB) or triathlon?

MTB is fast becoming one of the leading sports of choice for many South Africans. Combine it with swimming and running and you have a triathlon. The great thing about MTB is that it’s the perfect sport for the whole family. Getting out and about as a family is excellent quality time and sets a good example for your children.


  1. Find a diet that works for you

Making smarter choices when it comes to your diet greatly contributes to achieving wellness goals – what you put in, is what you get out. With all the diet information out there it’s sometimes difficult to know which one will suit you best. A good rule of thumb is to opt for a diet that is balanced rather than one that is extreme. Extreme diets are hard to stick to and while it might seem like they are working wonders, many people resort to yoyo dieting because of the restriction. Remember discipline doesn’t have to be considered restrictive but rather as a clarity as to how you wish to live.


  1. Tools to help you on your way

When it comes to diet and fitness it really is mind over matter. With the advent of technology there are all kinds of apps available to help you set, track and achieve all your fitness goals. Forbes magazine has put together a list of the very best apps on offer to help you get your mind and body healthy.


  1. Phone a friend

Working with a partner to achieve fitness goals helps to keep both of you on track. Not only can you enjoy each other’s company when you are working out, you know that someone always has your back when it comes to keeping you motivated.


Compliment a healthy body with healthy skin

OPTIPHI® encourages you to find your fitness and diet groove this summer. OPTIPHI® has a wide range of products with options to suit every skin type and problem areas, invest in your health today.

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Grace Kelly Epitomised Classic Beauty

You too can have a flawless complexion with OPTIPHI®


Grace Kelly was renowned for her flawless complexion complimented by her natural beauty and presence. To this day she is considered one of the most elegant women in cinematic and world history.

More than 30 years after her death, her style is as fresh today as it ever was. Her timeless, elegant look defined the 1950s, while her rare beauty and stunning self-possession were both enchanting and completely genuine. Kelly’s style still inspires fashion houses like Hermès and Tommy Hilfiger. Her life was a fairytale, she went from being an accomplished actress and an iconic beauty of Hollywood to marrying a prince and becoming Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco.


You too can enjoy timeless beauty

The OPTIPHI® Classic Skincare Range is formulated to build collagen and elastin to reinforce the architecture of the skin to minimize the signs of aging. It is  formulated to enhance your complexion for ageless beauty with:

  • Targeting the Signs of Skin Aging
  • Optimal Skin Hydration
  • Optimal Barrier Function


Now available in a convenient Classic Travel Pack containing your favourite products:

  • Pure Cleansing Wash
  • Complete Therapy
  • Eye Effect
  • Hydra-Derm HA Masque


Getting naturally beautiful-looking skin is simple with OPTIPHI®. Designed to suit your unique skin needs, OPTIPHI® has the solution to flawless skin that glows with health and youthfulness.

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OPTIPHI® Now Available in Convenient Travel Packs

 Travel Made Easy!


OPTIPHI® is proud to announce that its award-winning skincare products are now available in travel packs, each containing your favourite OPTIPHI® products.

Now there is no need to travel with full size products that you can’t carry in your hand luggage because of airline protocol. Carry your skincare products in your handbag and use them at your convenience wherever and whenever you need them.


The following OPTIPHI®Travel Packs are available from your nearest stockist:

Active Travel Pack

  • Facial Cleanser
  • Moisture Control Ultra
  • Eyesigns Activegel
  • Rejuvenating Revitalizer


Classic Travel Pack

  • Pure Cleansing Wash
  • Complete Therapy
  • Eye Effect
  • Hydra-Derm HA Masque


Post-Peel/Treatment Pack

  • Facial Cleanser
  • Moisture Control Light
  • Ageless Activegel
  • Dermintense Activegel


OPTIPHI®‘s new travel packs make it simple and convenient to take care of your skin while life keeps you busy and on the move. Each pack has been put together to offer you exactly what you need while you are travelling allowing your favourite OPTIPHI® products at your fingertips.

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Seven essential skincare tips for Valentine’s Day

Show your skin LOVE this Valentine’s Day with OPTIPHI® and these fabulous skin and body tips:


Simple tips for skin radiance with OPTIPHI® will prepare you to step out in style to enjoy a romantic evening with your Valentine knowing that your skin is looking fabulous!


SKIN TIP 1. AVOID the Dreaded Breakout

Try our Set the Canvas  Primer to  smooth your skin, and hold your make-up on Date Night . It creates a protective barrier and acts as a foundation primer to minimise the appearance of fine lines, pores and blemishes. Simply apply before your foundation for even, flawless skin.


SKIN TIP 2. Don’t be caught Redfaced

Have your OPTIPHI® Skin Rejuvenation Treatment done three days before Valentine’s Day so that your skin is at its best. Formulated to reduce the signs of aging and to promote well hydrated optimal skin, it continues to work on your skin for three days after the treatment.


SKIN TIP 3.  Be a Smooth Operator

Hydrated skin looks smoother, so much more vibrant and less lined. Drink plenty of water and use a good moisturizer as part of your skincare routine. The OPTIPHI® Restore Therapy Moisturizer is formulated to restore skin density, support the structure of the skin, promote elasticity, activate collagen and replenish lost moisture.


SKIN TIP 4. Embrace those Luscious Curves

As we know, date night means that you will want to feel your best. You’ll love your curves with OPTIPHI® Cellulite Therapy. Formulated to take care of those unsightly “lumps” by addressing cellulite – this product will also boost cell function, improve circulation and stimulate molecular mechanisms. This will leave you feeling confident and sexy.


SKIN TIP 5. Silky Skin Saver!

There is no need to feel self-conscious about stretch marks with OPTIPHI® Stretchmark Therapy. It works to prevent stretch marks by increasing skin elasticity and firmness. Improved cellular activity also helps to repair and restore skin to its original state.  You can use this in conjunction with the Cellulite Therapy or alone to make your skin feel ultra-silky.


SKIN TIP 6. Get that Sensual Glow

Boost your “in-love” glow with OPTIPHI® Body-Foliant. A new innovative at home Body Peel to rid your skin of its rough texture – the dual-action chemical and enzymatic body exfoliation formula will leave your skin looking radiant.


SKIN TIP 7. The Soft Touch

OPTIPHI® Curve Body Lotion is a luxurious moisturizing lotion that replenishes your skin’s moisture for immediate and long-term skin hydration.

 There is no better feeling than being in love and having beautiful skin! OPTIPHI® is designed for your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to radiant looking skin. Love your OPTIPHI® Body Curves!

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New You – Skin Resolutions!

Here is to beautiful, healthy skin in 2015

Young girl putting cream on her face

Each year we all make resolutions to begin the next stage of our lives in the most positive way. This year we are asking – why not kick off the 2015 with some motivating skin care resolutions?
Here are 4 resolutions that will ensure you have radiant, younger looking, skin in 2015:


  1. Wear Sunscreen!

Everyday – not just when you feel like it!

Not only does the sun dehydrate your skin, it is one of the major causes of melanin over production, which results in increased pigmentation.

Ensure that you choose a moisturizer with a sun protection factor such as the OPTIPHI® Classic Complete Therapy for daily moisturization.

Alternatively, the OPTIPHI Protect The Canvas can be applied on top of your moisturizer. .

If you plan to spend time outdoors, ensure that you  regularly apply an adequate SPF factor  sunscreen. Avoid premature aging caused by sun damage with OPTIPHI®.


  1. Cleanse your skin DAY and NIGHT…Do not neglect your daily regime!

Use the OPTIPHI® Classic Pure Cleansing Wash daily for clean, calm and smooth skin. Alternatively, Our Facial Cleanser has a calming effect on the skin whilst providing deep dermal cleansing. It balances the pH levels of your skin barrier and is suitable for all skin types.


  1. Regular Exfoliation!

Removing stubborn ,dead skin cells will reveal skin that looks young, refreshed and revitalized. The OPTIPHI® Muslin Cloth gently exfoliates the skin to improve skin texture by removing the superficial layer of cells through gentle mechanical exfoliation..
Boost your regular exfoliation with an optiphi® Peel, for fast skin changing lasting results.


  1. Hydrate your thristy skin!

As skin ages and is exposed to the elements, it becomes dehydrated, which makes it necessary for the moisture to be replenished. This speeds up the aging process resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. OPTIPHI® is formulated to replenish your skin with vital moisture, vitamins and minerals. This helps to restore skin density, support the structure of the skin, promote elasticity, activate collagen and replenish lost moisture.


There is no better feeling than having radiant skin! OPTIPHI® is designed to address your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin. With OPTIPHI it’s easy to keep your skin looking it best in 2015!

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Get your body glow on with OPTIPHI !

Our Body-Foliant

Body Curve Body Foliant123

Dual action OPTIPHI® Body-Foliant is formulated to cleanse and exfoliate your body using both enzymes and chemicals.  Removing the superficial layer of skin cells will leave your skin feeling soft, refreshed and revitalized.

The dual-acid complex exfoliates calms and replenishes vital anti-oxidants. Exposing healthy new skin cells to improve skin texture and restore your skin’s natural glow.


How it works

Formulated using proven actives, OPTIPHI® Body-Foliant will restore your skin’s natural radiance:

  • Dual action exfoliation – enzymatic and chemical exfoliation
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Stimulates cellular turnover
  • Evens complexion
  • Leaves skin feeling soft
  • Improves the barrier function of the skin
  • Enhances the moisture content of the skin


Getting naturally beautiful looking skin is simple with OPTIPHI®. OPTIPHI® Body-Foliant is formulated to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

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OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum

Extend the effect of your valuable facial aesthetic treatments with OPTIPHI®.



Wondering how to prolong the effect of your facial aesthetic procedure? Look no further than the OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum.

This effective serum is formulated to compliment you facial aesthetic treatment by improving and prolonging aesthetic results. By inhibiting the muscle activity associated with the formation of expression lines, the OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum works to give your new skin tone longevity and support.

The OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum’s action is further enhanced by actives that stimulate anti-aging mechanisms on a cellular level. A pinnacle function is to help smooth existing wrinkles and reduce the formation of new expression lines.

The OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum has been proven to:

  • Restore facial volume
  • Promote cellular health
  • Help maintain the anti-wrinkle effect
  • Reshapes facial contour
  • Promote increased skin density
  • Decrease the depth of expression lines
  • Improve cell stability
  • Extend cell lifespan

Formulated for post procedure application, the OPTIPHI® Post-Tox Infinity Serum can be applied to the following areas:

  • Smokers lines and nasolabial folds
  • Forehead and frown lines
  • Crow’s feet around the eye area
  • Brow lift zone
  • Chin and jawline
  • Neck area

There is no better feeling than having beautiful, younger looking skin! OPTIPHI® is designed to suite your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant skin. Extend the life of your skin aesthetic procedure with this potent serum and never look back.

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Turn back the clock with OPTIPHI®

The Professional Advanced Age-Defying Classic Treatment

The ultimate in age defying technology for younger looking skin!


Revitalise your skin with the OPTIPHI® Advanced Age-Defying Classic Treatment. Boasting a full complement of skin stimulating actives, it encourages optimal skin health and vitality. Its efficacy is further enhanced as the actives continue to penetrate your skin post treatment.


How it works

Formulated to work in 4 phases of skin rejuvenation, this illuminating mask works to:

  1. Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles leaving a smooth textured skin
  2. Boost the dynamic effect by Thermo-actively raising skin temperature
  3. Cool and energize skin for increased illumination and cell rejuvenation
  4. Restore moisture on a cellular level by means of Osmotic hydration.


Why it works

This sensory treatment utilizes advanced gerontology principles to optimise skin cell function for definitive skin illumination, skin vitality and re-energized skin cells.

Achieving beautiful, younger looking skin is easy with OPTIPHI®. Designed to suit your unique skin needs, OPTIPHI® is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin. Choosing the right technology for your skin will ensure ultimate skin rejuvenation results.

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Look your best from every angle!

Don’t let summer holidays ruin your complexion

healthy face

With summer holidays just around the corner we are all looking forward to good times with friends and family. Be it enjoying the sunshine or taking in the sunset and fun after dark your skin still needs attention. With all these celebrations come “selfies” and pictures to record special memories. Don’t let the skin stressors that come with these festivities ruin your complexion.


Here are five skin stressors to avoid these holidays, to look your best from every angle:


  1. Sun exposure – by now everyone knows about sun damage and how it drastically speeds up the aging process. Make sure that you apply sunblock when you go outdoors and use a moisturiser with added sunblock.The OPTIPHI® Protect the Canvas includes an SPF 30 for everyday use.

For complete dermal vitality, the OPTIPHI® Restore Therapy moisturizer is formulated to refurbish skin density, support the structure of the skin, promote elasticity, activate collagen and replenish lost moisture. For the same benefits with a sun protection factor – try our Complete Therapy for daytime use.


TIP: Reapply your sun protection regularly throughout the day

  1. Dehydration – Exposure to the elements and not drinking enough water can lead to dry skin. Don’t forget the golden rule – hydration is the foundation of beautiful skin. Make sure that you use a good moisturiser and drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated.OPTPHI® offers various moisturizes to suit all skin types and conditions.
  2. Alcohol – Apart from the toxins in alcohol that make us look dreadful when we overdo it, alcohol is also very dehydrating. Make sure that you keep hydrated and use a good moisturiser to keep skin in healthy conditions.


TIP: Drinking plenty of water also helps with over-eating during the holidays too.

  1. Not getting enough sleep – when we are sleep deprived our bodies release the stress hormone cortisol that breaks down collagen, which is critical for firm and elastic skin.
    Another negative is the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. OPTIPHI® offers Eyesigns active gel to help should the festivities go long into the night.
  2. Healthy skin equals healthy complexion – holidays are filled with lazy days and a break from daily chores. Don’t cut corners over the holidays and neglect your skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise – the secret to beautiful skin: Use OPTIPHI® cleanser daily for clean, calm and smooth skin; use the OPTIPHI® Muslin Cloth to gently exfoliate your skin; and finish with OPTIPHI® Classic Moisturizers or the OPTIPHI® Active Moisture Control Light.. the choice is yours.


There is no better feeling during summer holidays than making special memories and maintaining beautiful skin! Ensure your skin is always healthy to look your best every day. OPTIPHI® is designed to suit your unique skin needs, and is the perfect holiday solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin.

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Keep your skin plump and moist with OPTIPHI® Classic Dermal Restoration Moisturizer

Good hydration is the foundation of Healthy Skin


Keeping your skin hydrated is critical to having beautiful, healthy skin. After cleansing and gentle exfoliation, applying a moisturiser ensures that essential moisture is replenished and the epidermal barrier is restored to reduce further water loss. This keeps skin cells turgid so that they stay healthy and hydrated.


Choose a moisturiser that ensures:

  • Skin stays hydrated
  • Maintains skin barrier function to prevent water loss
  • Optimal enzyme functioning
  • Reduce skin inflammation
  • Keeps skin pH 5.5 – inhibits growth of harmful bacteria
  • Restores collagen and elastin to boost skin structural integrity
  • Maintains healthy skin and works to halt the ageing process


OPTIPHI® Classic Dermal Restoration Moisturizers

For complete dermal vitality, the OPTIPHI® Restore Therapy moisturizer is formulated to refurbish skin density, support the structure of the skin, promote elasticity, activate collagen and replenish lost moisture. For the same benefits with a sun protection factor – try our Complete Therapy for daytime use.



OPTIPHI® products are formulated using are carefully selected actives with clinically proven efficacy. Quality and consistency are key to OPTIPHI®, so rest assured that you are using the ultimate skin care products.

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