Wondering what’s Trending this Summer when it comes to Fashion?

Compliment your gorgeous skin with these 10 fashion trends!

Young woman in straw hat in summer outdoors.

Having beautiful skin is simple with OPTIPHI®, all you need is the latest fashion to match. Here is OPTIPHI®‘s summer fashion guide to help you look as cutting-edge as your perfect complexion:


  1. Top summer colours

Pistachio green, very similar to mint, is all the rage this summer and so is yellow.  Any shade of yellow as long as it matches your complexion – be bold, there is a shade of yellow for everyone. For a subtler option, choose an all-white ensemble, black & white mix of interesting shapes or small checks. And last but not least, army green.


  1. Must-have styles

This season is all about shirtdresses, culottes (yes, you might have to apologize to your mother for trying to make her throw hers out in the past and now appeal to her to open her wardrobe to you), the same goes for ‘roomey denim’. Lightweight trench coats that look like a kimonos and one-shoulder cuts are also favorites.


  1. Summer hair

Hair trends this summer include crimping, the slick-back wet-look, middle partings and simpler hairstyles with minimal styling needed.


  1. Glitter roots

Grab your hair gel, some sparkly bits and bedazzle your roots. Not only does it add a unique touch for a night out, it also hides re-growth.


  1. Makeup

Smokey eyes, heavier, darker lids and eyeliner wings paired with nude lips. Add some subtle pastel eye shadow for a little extra colour.


  1. Sunnies

This summer it’s all about tricky geometric frames and large squoval lenses. Take a look at Dolce & Gabbana’s Mama Brocade limited edition sunglasses. The price tag can be hefty but they are worth a look.


  1. Flat out shoes

Girls the world over are pleased as punch that comfortable summer shoes are the order of the day – flat sandals, slip-ons and sneakers are all the rage.


  1. Nail glamour

Essie has summer covered with their range of awesome summer colours, including pistachio green.


  1. Handbag overhauling

The bucket bag and tote aren’t going anywhere and neither is the clutch, even for daytime.  Florals adorn bags of all shapes and sizes. New ways of holding bags from wristlets to hang straps, the possibilities are endless. And since this summer incorporates 70s style, the saddle bag is making a big comeback with new embellishments.


  1. Fashion must-haves

This summer brings with it cutting-edge colour, encourages you to wear the same items in a variety of different settings (change things up – take it from the beach to the office just by changing shoes and accessories) and gives firm favorites a new look. It’s all about wearing the latest fashion without compromising on comfort. Wear underwear that classes with your outfit.


Look your best with OPTIPHI®

OPTIPHI® is designed to suite your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin. Compliment your summer wardrobe with skincare products that will transform your skin.

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