Five Christmas Gift Ideas from OPTIPHI®

Solve your gifting dilemmas…

Blue polka dots gift boxes with pink ribbons on wooden background

Wondering what to give your friends and family this holiday season? Look no further than OPTIPHI®‘s gift guide. While we at OPTIPHI® believe that the ultimate gift this year should be our new Body Lotion in a tantalizing Evergreen fragrance, here are some more ideas:


  1. For the budding Master Chef

Cooking is fast becoming a very popular hobby, it is a great opportunity to express creativity, experiment and at the same time a means to take charge of healthy eating as opposed to restrictive dieting. From simple daily cooking to lavish meals prepared for friends, cooking is very much part of our lives. has a wide range of Christmas gifts for the special cook in your life, from books to gadgets to decor – there are even voucher options. Our 2015 seasonal cookbook will be TWO, written by Seline and Leandri van der Wat – available at Exclusive Books Nationwide.


  1. Kindle, the gift that keeps on giving

E-readers like the Kindle are designed to be gentle on your eyes and offer hours of entertainment. While many people will argue that holding a book in your hands just doesn’t compare, and that is very true, just imagine being able to read almost any book you want without having to wade through the masses to make it into book store. That is the convenience of an e-reader!


  1. A new take on vouchers

Whether you are a lover or hater of vouchers, the variety of vouchers on offer is changing the way that people see them. Good old fashioned store vouchers are just one way to treat someone special. You can also buy iTunes or Google Play vouchers so that users can splurge on apps, music and movies of their choice. Then there are charity vouchers which are perfect for someone who has everything. Look for a cause that is close to their heart and make a donation on their behalf or buy a voucher directly from the charity.


  1. A gift that grows and grows

For the ladies, how about choosing sentimental gift that you can add to with each occasion. Like a Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet that you can add charms to as memories are made. Choose charms to add to special occasions, token people dear to you and mark milestones.


  1. Heaven Scent

Knowing that you smell divine just feels good. Wondering which scent is the one to get these holidays? Visit My Perfume Shop to find your favorite fragrances at discounted prices.


Choose The Ultimate Gift

Add OPTIPHI®‘s ultimate skincare collection to your holiday gift list to achieve healthier skin. OPTIPHI®‘s new Body Lotion in a soft and gentle Evergreen fragrance, which is the perfect gift for both men and women.

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