OPTIPHI®: CrossFit for your Skin

Just like intensive exercise, OPTIPHI® gets results!

beautiful woman applying cosmetic cream

When it comes to the health and fitness of your skin, we at OPTIPHI® don’t mess around. Our proven active ingredients create Positive Homeostatic Influence (PHI) within your skin for optimum cellular performance. This is our secret to healthy, younger looking skin.


Whip your skin into shape with OPTIPHI® Infinity Serums

The potent range of OPTIPHI® Infinity Serums are formulated to improve and extend cellular longevity by targeting specific cellular mechanisms. This minimizes the formation of wrinkles, treats expression lines and actively targets your anti-aging concerns. Formulated to be used in conjunction with your regular skincare routine, they pack a punch to give your skin a vitality boost. Stop aging in its tracks with these two serums:

  1. The OPTIPHI® HA Infinity Serum is designed to re-plump, add volume and intensify skin hydration on a cellular level. It invigorates dehydrated, dry and structurally weak skin by increasing cellular longevity and boosting hydration.
  2. The OPTIPHI® Retinol Infinity Serum is an advanced anti-aging serum designed to promote cellular rejuvenation and significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Why choose Crossfit for your body?

CrossFit is a program that aims to develop the broadest possible fitness in everyone. By doing constantly varied workouts comprised of functional movements (pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, and throwing), participants improve their level of fitness. The workouts are applied at a high intensity, but you are guided to complete the workouts at an intensity that is suitable to your abilities. So CrossFit is for everyone – grandparents and athletes alike!

With the mix of body-weight exercises, weightlifting, kettle bells, running, rowing and skipping, the workouts are always changing and ever challenging so you never get bored. Through personal relationships, expert coaches guide you to your health and fitness goals. Yes, CrossFit is difficult, but it gets results. To find out more about CrossFit in South Africa and fund your local affiliate visit http://crossfitjozi.co.za/crossfit/


Compliment healthy skin with a healthy body

There is no better feeling than loving your body and skin! OPTIPHI® is designed to suit your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin.

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