A healthy Body makes for Healthy Skin

Take a holistic approach to looking and feeling healthy with these 5 health ideas

Fitness accessories with sport shoes and clothing, drinking water and towel

At OPTIPHI® we are all about healthy, beautiful skin. Achieving this is so much easier when you combine our award winning products with a healthy lifestyle that includes keeping your body fit. Making healthier lifestyle choices and taking up physical activities are crucial to a successful skincare routine that produces results you want. To help you on your way, here are some ideas to get you moving and feeling fabulous:


  1. Why not take up golf?

Not only is golf a great form of exercise, it’s also really social. Gather some friends and visit one of the many picturesque golf courses South Africa has to offer. Enjoying the fresh air and open spaces is also great stress reliever.


  1. How about mountain biking (MTB) or triathlon?

MTB is fast becoming one of the leading sports of choice for many South Africans. Combine it with swimming and running and you have a triathlon. The great thing about MTB is that it’s the perfect sport for the whole family. Getting out and about as a family is excellent quality time and sets a good example for your children.


  1. Find a diet that works for you

Making smarter choices when it comes to your diet greatly contributes to achieving wellness goals – what you put in, is what you get out. With all the diet information out there it’s sometimes difficult to know which one will suit you best. A good rule of thumb is to opt for a diet that is balanced rather than one that is extreme. Extreme diets are hard to stick to and while it might seem like they are working wonders, many people resort to yoyo dieting because of the restriction. Remember discipline doesn’t have to be considered restrictive but rather as a clarity as to how you wish to live.


  1. Tools to help you on your way

When it comes to diet and fitness it really is mind over matter. With the advent of technology there are all kinds of apps available to help you set, track and achieve all your fitness goals. Forbes magazine has put together a list of the very best apps on offer to help you get your mind and body healthy.


  1. Phone a friend

Working with a partner to achieve fitness goals helps to keep both of you on track. Not only can you enjoy each other’s company when you are working out, you know that someone always has your back when it comes to keeping you motivated.


Compliment a healthy body with healthy skin

OPTIPHI® encourages you to find your fitness and diet groove this summer. OPTIPHI® has a wide range of products with options to suit every skin type and problem areas, invest in your health today.

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