How to make sure you choose the right bra size?

It’s not just about Comfort…

Pile of sexy bras with lace details

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we at OPTIPHI® believe that taking care of your bodies health is extremely important. Here is a simple guide to help you get the most out of your bra, find the right fit and look your best.

How often should you measure your bra size?

Our bodies change all the time due to a multitude of factors. As we lose or gain weight, change our gym routine, go through hormonal changes during and after pregnancy and as our bodies mature. To ensure that you bra size is still the best fit for you, it’s important to regularly measure your size.

Getting the most out of your bra

Here are some facts about bras that every woman should know:

  • A well-fitted bra should provide 90 percent of the support from the band and the straps the remaining 10 percent.
  • Get yourself measured according to the bra you want to purchase. Sizes vary from brand to brand and from style to style.
  • To ensure that you look and feel your best don’t skimp when it comes to shopping – rather have 3 expensive instead of 9 cheapies. Quality underwear lasts longer and is manufactured for results.
  • You shouldn’t wear the same bra every day. To ensure that your bras keep their shape for as long as possible, have a few bras that you rotate.
  • The cups size of a 32D is not the same as a 42D – cup sizes are relative.
  • If your breasts are uneven, go with the bigger side and simply adjust the strap on the smaller side to compensate.

How to know if you are wearing the wrong bra size?

If your bra does/has any of the following, then it’s time to get some professional assistance:

  • wrinkling or puckering of cups,
  • the underwire hurts you,
  • the band rides up,
  • spillage of any sort,
  • slipping straps,
  • your bra slips up when you lift your arms,

How to measure your bra size?

OPTIPHI® is designed to suit your unique skin needs and your bra should be no different. Since every woman’s body is unique and each brand has their own sizing and fitting guidelines, there definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to finding the best fit.  To make sure that you get the right bra size and best fit, enlist the help of a professional. Many stores offer this as a service and will gladly help you make the best selection for your size and needs.

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