Meet Comrades Marathon record breaker Caroline Wöstmann

OPTIPHI® salutes Super Woman

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Caroline Wöstmann proved that records are made to be broken when she won the 2015 Comrades Marathon for women with a time of 06:12:22. The second woman in was her training partner Charné Bosman, who finished in 06:33:24.


Making South Africa proud

Caroline and Charné, both hailing from Pretoria, are the first South African women to come in first and second since 1992. Beating famous Russian twins, Oelysa and Elena Nurgalieva, who finished third and fourth, with Elena just ahead of her twin sister Olesya, Elena has won the race eight times since 2003 and is the record holder for the up-race from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, which was run this year. Last year, Caroline came in 6th and was the first South African woman to cross the finishing line. OPTIPHI® would like to congratulate the RSA runners for all of the extra effort that they have put into their training within the last year.


Making history

With the 2015 Comrades in the bag, Caroline became only the fifth athlete in history to win South Africa’s two most famous ultra-marathons, the Comrades and the Two Oceans, in the same year. She was also the first South African woman to win the Two Oceans since 2001.


How it all began

32-year-old Caroline Wöstmann, an accounting lecturer from Pretoria, started running on her own six years ago to lose weight after the birth of her daughter. In 2013, she was spotted by talent scouts when she finished her third Comrades in only 7 hours and 16 minutes. The Nedbank Professional Team and the High Performance Centre at the University of Pretoria then took Caroline under their wing to help her reach her full potential.


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