Is your skincare routine like a quirky best man?

Just like your skincare routine, a little re-organisation can change everything

Beautiful blonde bride with a bouquet of flowers

As the groom’s closest friend and confidant, everyone will agree that the Best Man’s role at a wedding is an honour and an opportunity to show how much his best friend means to him. Every Best Man wants to shine in his role, he may not be great at speeches but as the groom’s closest friend he is a critical part of the wedding celebrations.

His insight into how the groom has changed and stayed the same, how he feels about his gorgeous bride and the pride the Best Man feels for the strong bond he has with the glowing couple fills us with happiness.


All it takes is a little fine tuning to get the best results

The Best Man has all of the best stories of the groom, of the couple growing in their relationship; he was there when they happened, he may even have been the cause. Now if only he could organise his speech to truly capture and convey the beauty of friendship, the life and grace that comes with having a sense of humour. Order and timing are key. Just like your skincare routine.


Having the best skincare routine takes a little fine tuning

A successful skincare routine starts with selecting the right products. OPTIPHI® products are formulated to give your skin the very best chance with their proven formulations so that they never let you down.  Now, all you need to do is follow these fool-proof steps and you can rest assured that you have a solid skincare routine as pleasant as a well-planned Best Man’s speech:

  1. Cleanse & Exfoliate – clean skin is critical to successful skincare.
  2. Turn back the clock with a serum like the potent, new OPTIPHI® Intense Retinol Serum.
  3. Target aging around the eyes with OPTIPHI® Eyesigns Activegel
  4. Apply for skin revitalization with an OPTIPHI® Protecting or Rejuvenating Revitalizer
  5. Apply a luscious Moisturizer that will leave your skin cells plump and moist.
  6. Lastly, protect your skin with Sunblock to prevent sun damage.


Get the most out of your skincare routine

While choosing the Best Man for your wedding is simple, finding the right skincare products and using them correctly can be a little more complicated. With OPTIPHI® you can’t go wrong, click here to find your closest OPTIPHI® stockist where a skincare professional will help you choose the best products for your skin and how to use them.

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