Five Common Causes of Breakouts

Avoid breakouts with these fabulous skincare tips…

woman remove foundation from her ideal skin

We all know that sinking feeling when you suddenly feel like your 16-year-old self again – suffering from an embarrassing breakout on the day you are due to give your quarterly presentation.

Breakouts can be avoided by using correct, scientifically proven skincare products, supplied and applied by trained skincare professionals. However, your day-to-day habits have an effect on your skin and body health…

Here are five common causes of breakouts:

  1. Check your medicine cabinet – there are many common medications that can cause or trigger breakouts, including birth control tablets.
  2. Clean your equipment – make-up brushes are constantly collecting leftover makeup and gathering bacteria and yeast, which can cause acne.
  3. Touching your face – make sure that you don’t transfer unwanted bacteria and dust from your hands or mobile phone. Keep anything that comes into contact with your face as clean as possible.
  4. The best skincare products – preferably, you should use skincare products recommended by trained professionals. This will ensure that your beauty products aren’t your worst enemy.
  5. Cleanse, Moisturize and Exfoliate – having a reliable skincare regime will ensure that your skin looks its best.

Choosing the Best Possible  Skincare Products to Avoid Breakouts

OPTIPHI® applies state-of-the-art scientific principles, comprehensive research and thorough testing to ensure our products offer cutting-edge solutions f healthier, younger looking skin.  Make sure that you enlist the advice of a trained skincare professional to select the best products suited to your specific skin needs. Choosing the wrong products or having treatments administered by poorly trained technicians definitely spells disaster. To make sure that your skin is in the best possible hands click here to find your closest OPTIPHI® stockist.

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