Understanding cellular senescence and what it means for your skin…

The way that skin cells age has a direct impact on the signs of aging on your skin

Skin anatomy

Understanding the various mechanisms that cause the progressive decline of cellular and tissue functions help us to understand how to prevent damage to skin cells and reverse the signs of aging.


What is cellular senescence and how does it contribute to aging?

Cellular senescence is the aging of a cell as telomeres shrink and the cell’s DNA becomes damaged, making it a major contributor to aging. By supporting the function of skin cells and preventing their telomeres from shrinking, optiphi® can help slow down the aging process.

 OPTIPHI® Hydra-derm HA Masque

This masque is formulated to boost cell health and functions to conquer skin fatigue. It actively promotes skin plumping and targets the signs of aging by hydrating and supporting:

  • Dermal reconstitution
  • Maintenance of skin cell structure
  • Peak hydration levels of skin cells

The Science Behind Aging

OPTIPHI® applies state-of-the-art scientific principles, comprehensive research and thorough testing to ensure products offer cutting-edge solutions for healthier, younger-looking skin.

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