Dehydrated Skin vs. Dry Skin

How does dehydration effect your skin cells?

pretty woman with a cracked skin on a face

Dry skin and dehydrated skin is not the same thing, but both will leave your skin feeling uncomfortable. They contribute to premature aging and a dull complexion! Get the correct and optimal results from your current skincare regime by treating both dehydration and dry skin correctly..

 What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a skin type that is often a result of genetics. However, it can also be caused by factors like a hormone imbalances or an underactive thyroid, both of which should be investigated by your doctor.

 What is dehydrated skin?

Our skin is made up of three layers of skin cells with the top layer (your epiderims) being coated with an acidic mix of oily lipids and waxes made up of sebum and sweat. This layer protects the skin by retaining moisture and preventing bacteria from entering the skin. When this protective layer is damaged – moisture escapes, leaving our skin feeling dry. The way that this protective layer is damaged is what differentiates dry skin from dehydrated skin.

 Good Skincare Habits

Boost the effects of your skincare products with these healthy skincare habits-avoid dehydration:

  • Drink enough water and stick to a healthy diet
  • Don’t cut corners when it’s comes to your skincare routine
  • Make sure you remove makeup before you go to bed
  • Avoid scolding hot showers
  • Eliminate bad habits like smoking and consuming too much alcohol
  • Make sure you use sunblock DAILY…

OPTIPHI® Classic Dermal Restoration Moisturizers

For complete dermal vitality, the OPTIPHI® Restore Therapy moisturizer is formulated to refurbish skin density, support the structure of the skin, promote elasticity, activate collagen synthesis and replenish lost moisture. For the same benefits with a sun protection factor, try our Complete Therapy for daytime use.


OPTIPHI® products are scientifically formulated using carefully selected actives with clinically proven efficacy. When you make OPTIPHI® part of your skincare routine, you can rest assured that you are giving your skin the very best care.

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