OPTIPHI® is your perfect solution to beautiful skin

Simply choose OPTIPHI® products that best suit your unique skincare needs

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OPTIPHI® is very proud of its comprehensive range of skincare products each offering unique benefits. Formulated to achieving Positive Homeostatic Influence (PHI) within skin cells, the proven actives in our products create skin balance – setting the stage for optimum cellular performance. This is the secret to younger healthier skin.


Scientifically Proven

The actives in OPTIPHI® products are clinically proven and of the highest quality. Our approach is to ensure that high, safe and effective concentrations of active formulations work on a cellular level to improve the skin. Quality and consistency is key to OPTIPHI®, so rest assured that you are giving your skin the very best.


The complete OPTIPHI® range includes:


OPTIPHI® Active – Cleanse. Activate. Revitalize. Control

Formulated to improve the youthfulness of the skin, reinstate balance and promote healthy, optimal skin function, products are designed to affect, improve and enhance the appearance of the skin – consisting of the ACTIVE RANGE and CANVAS RANGE.

OPTIPHI® represents optimal skin balance, ensuring that your skin structure is supported and functions as nature intended.


OPTIPHI® Classic Range

Maintenance is crucial to the vitality of your skin. A healthy skin barrier allows for optimal skin functioning and applying the correct active synergies to your skin will ensure exact structural support for your dermal skin cells.  OPTIPHI®’s PH balanced Classic formulations will maintain the health of the skin, promote longevity and refine skin texture.  The full range consists of a cleanser, a day and night moisturiser, a blemish treatment, hydrating HA Masque, eye cream and Refine-Foliant.


OPTIPHI® Body Curve Range

With a product for a variety of concerns, the Body Curve Range is the answer to having a flawless silhouette.  Choose the products according to your skin’s unique needs:

  • Cellulite
  • Stretch Marks
  • Body-Exfoliant
  • β–Body Wash
  • Body Sunscreen
  • PHI-Body Buffer
  • Curve Body Lotion.


There is no better feeling than loving your skin! OPTIPHI® is designed to suite your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin.

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