Five catastrophic effects stress has on your skin

Break the stress cycle and get beautiful skin


Apart from the frown lines on many faces at the end of a stress full day, the everyday stresses of life not only cause physical symptoms like stomach cramps they contribute to premature aging.  When we feel stressed our bodies release stress hormones like Cortisol which can be detrimental to our skin. Stress also compromises our sense of well being and can lead to neglect.


Here are five ways that stress speeds up the aging process:

  1. Cortisol – at healthy levels this hormone plays an important role in the body but when levels become too high it starts to have a negative effect. It can enhance cravings of sugar and salt and encourages oil production which causes breakouts. It also compromises the body’s ability to control inflammation which speeds up the aging process.
  2. Dehydration – stress causes our bodies to dehydrate which has a dramatic effect on our skin. Hydration is the foundation of beautiful skin.
  3. Decreased collagen production – stress hormones break down collagen which would otherwise keep the skin firm and enhance elasticity.
  4. Stress impacts our skin care routine – when we feel tired and stressed out we do only what we need to survive and cut out the frills. One of the first things to suffer is our skin care routine.
  5. Aggravates existing skin conditions – stress can make skin conditions like Psoriasis or Rosacea worse and cause acne lesions to become more inflamed and persistent. The added stress of problem skin creates a vicious circle that is hard to break.


There is no better feeling than having glorious skin! A good skin care routine not only makes your skin beautiful, it’s a great stress reliever – take time to pamper yourself. OPTIPHI® is designed to suite your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin.



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