Hello Gorgeous Skin

OPTIPHI® Cares – Get your Flawless Skincare Pamper Pack Today


To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to celebrate the individual beauty and strength of every woman, OPTIPHI® has created an OPTIPHI© Cares special edition Hello Gorgeous pamper pack.


Skin Care for you

The Picture Perfect Flawless Skincare Pamper Pack is designed to give you beautifully hydrated skin. It is made up of 3 OPTIPHI®’s flawless skincare products:


  • Complete Therapy SPF 20: Apply this moisturiser daily for plump, moisturised skin with UVA/ UVB protection.
  • Set the Canvas: Use our Award-Winning Primer before you apply your foundation (once you have allowed your moisturiser to absorb fully) – for a smooth, refined picture perfect look.
  • Hydra-Derm HA Masque: Use this stunning leave-on Masque 2 -3 times a week for a hydration boost. (Best applied and left on overnight)


Breast Cancer Awareness

OPTIPHI® Cares is our awareness campaign to highlight how together we can help saves lives.  Nothing compliments a healthy skin like a healthy body and we are dedicating our blog and Skincare Pamper Pack to increased knowledge on breast health.

Make sure that you do regular Breast Self-Exams and have regular Clinical Breast Examinations.

Early detection saves lives.


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