8 Breast Cancer Myths Busted

Not everything you hear about breast cancer is true – knowing the facts can save your life


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we at OPTIPHI® believe that regular checks are critical to the health and wellbeing of every woman. Knowing your breasts and the facts about breast cancer empower women with the knowledge to take care of their bodies and help minimize their breast cancer risk.


Here are some of the most common breast cancer myths busted:


Myth 1: Only older women get breast cancer

This couldn’t be further from the truth, many woman under the age of 50 get breast cancer. In fact, there are many young celebrities who have been in the news talking about their own battle with breast cancer.


Myth 2: Men don’t get breast cancer  

This is absolutely untrue. South African statistics show that 1 in 1046 men have a lifetime risk of getting breast cancer.


Myth 3: Alcohol plays no role in breast cancer

Drinking and an unhealthy lifestyle can increase your risk of breast cancer, as does smoking. (Not to mention the damage to your skin)


Myth 3: Nobody in my family has had breast cancer so I am not at risk

Those with a family history of breast cancer are at an increased risk, especially if close family members like a mother or sister has a history of breast cancer. However anyone and everyone can develop breast cancer – please do not ignore breast exam recommendations simply based on family history.


Myth 4: Only women who have had children are at risk

Women who have never had children and those who have children after the age of 30 are in fact at increased risk.


Myth 5: All breast lumps are cancerous

It’s very hard not to think the worst if you find a lump but the fact is that many breast lumps are harmless, but they should all be checked.


Myth 6: Breast implants increase your risk of breast cancer

Breast implants don’t put you at any greater risk. They might just mean that additional x-rays are necessary, as mammograms might not work as well.


Myth 7: Larger breasts equal a greater risk

It doesn’t matter what size your breasts are, big or small, your risk is not determined by breast size.


Myth 8: Breast cancer only comes in the form of lumps

Our blog on how to do a breast self-exam lists the changes that you should look out for. A lump is only one of them. And many lumps are harmless.


There is no better feeling than loving your skin and body!

OPTIPHI® is designed to suite your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin. Nothing compliments beautiful skin like a healthy body. Regular Breast Self-Exams and Clinical Breast Examinations are critical to minimize your breast cancer risk. Visit http://www.cansa.org.za for more information or to find your nearest CANSA Care Centre.

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Source: http://www.cansa.org.za; http://www.health.com, http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org


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