7 Skincare Habits to Avoid

Don’t sabotage your skin care regime with disastrous habits


Our blog on the 7 signs of aging included all the info that you need to assess the state of your skin and how well your skincare products are working for you. But using good products goes hand in hand with good habits. Bad habits will sabotage your dream of having beautiful skin.


  1. Cutting corners

We focused on rebalancing your skin after winter in our blog.  The cardinal rule of skin care being:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Moisturize

Don’t skip any of these critical steps for beautiful skin.


  1. Don’t fall asleep with make-up on

Sleeping with make-up on clogs pores and can cause breakouts. To avoid unwanted blemishes you need to maintain a disciplined routine, especially at night. And then cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize – 3 easy steps to beautiful skin.


  1. Using soap to cleanse your skin

Soap is alkaline so it upsets the pH balance of your skin and compromises your skin barrier. OPTIPHI® Facial Cleanser cleans, calms and smoothes your skin providing the correct skin pH resulting in an optimally hydrated skin barrier.


  1. Steaming hot showers

Washing your face in the shower with very hot water can contribute to redness and inflammation, one of the 7 signs of aging.


  1. Professional skincare advice

Enlist the help of a professional  skin expert to advise you on the best skincare products to suit your unique requirements. This will ensure that you get the very best results from your skincare regime.


  1. Drink enough water

Hydrated skin looks smoother, is more vibrant and is less likely to show deep expression lines. Water also helps to remove toxins from the body.


7.Wear sun block

Sun damage is one of the major causes of premature aging. Not only does it dehydrate the skin, it is one of the major causes of hyperpigmentation. Ensure that you choose a moisturizer with a sun protection factor – try OPTIPHI® Complete Therapy for daytime use. If you plan to be outdoors for an extended period ensure that you apply and re-apply a good sun block with a high sun protection factor.


There is no better feeling than loving your skin! OPTIPHI® is designed to suite your unique skin needs, and is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin. Support your skincare regime with healthy habits.


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