Skin Resurfacing – Get Your Confidence Back

 OPTIPHI® wants women to know they are all beautiful inside and out, and would like to encourage women to celebrate their own natural beauty and be happy in their own skin.

Very few of us are lucky enough to have perfect skin. Blemishes and imperfections can erode our confidence, particularly when frequent breakouts or long-term skin concerns occur. Skin problems are often a cause of embarrassment, lowered self-esteem, anxiety and even depression because  facial skin is usually sensitive and therefore more susceptible to damage and skin problems. By taking good care of your skin, you will feel and look healthier, happier, and you will positively impact other key areas of your life.

We have all experienced it: When our skin is healthy and beautiful, we can face daily activities with more confidence and positivity and in turn it gives us this beautiful glow of happiness.

Controlling skin damage and trying to slow down the signs of aging are all about making the right choices when it comes to skin care. By boosting cellular renewal and protecting your skin from environmental damage, a good skincare regime paired with regular and adapted professional skin treatments such as chemical peels, can help stimulate the production of new collagen and reduce the build-up of dead skin cells.

Chemical peels are fantastic treatments for both men and women of any age and are the ideal treatment for anyone who wants to restore a more youthful, healthy glow to their skin.

Everything from sun exposure and aging to acne and clogged pores can leave you with uneven skin tone, fine lines, scarring and a lacklustre complexion. If you want your skin to look smoother, younger and most importantly, vibrant and healthier than ever, a chemical peel can make a big difference.

One of the effective routes to a brighter, glowing complexion is a chemical peel.

Undergoing a chemical peel will give your skin the even tone and smooth, soft texture. Not only will your skin look more radiant, you will also glow with more confidence!

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