Is your skin’s appearance an obstacle to your social life? Do you feel that the state of your skin has made you less confident? Self-esteem and confidence is what fuels passion and drive, struggling to clear our skin can make us shy and less outgoing.

It has happened to all of us: we wake up, look in the mirror and see more imperfections and skin redness than we would like to. Some of us are blessed with immaculate skin all year round, but for the most part, covering the blemishes with foundation and concealer is a daily habit.

Does your confidence suffer when your skin does not look its best?

When your skin acts up, it’s difficult to feel attractive. Even when you wear foundation, you still know that underneath, your skin is not its best. At OPTIPHI®, we believe that implementing a skin care regimen that is adapted to your skin will help you solve skin issues, maintain healthy skin for many years and save money too!

Do not be too hard on yourself! OPTIPHI® wants all the ladies and gentlemen out there to feel beautiful no matter the tone, texture or colour of their skin. Skin is one of the first things others notice about you but do you judge people based on what their skin looks like that day? Neither do they!

Simply enjoy taking care of your skin and stop stressing about it: Stress will make it worse!

When you know that your skin is looking and feeling its best, you feel happier, ready to do anything. There is no nicer feeling than loving your skin!

At OPTIPHI®, we believe that everyday should be a good skin day and we believe in creating skin confidence.

The end of winter is the perfect time to give your skin a superb makeover and our OPTIPHI® Skin Rejuvenation Chemical Peel will help you achieve the beautiful tone. So if you want to treat your skin and see it more radiant and healthy than it has ever been, contact OPTIPHI® on 012 667 6244 to find the closest salon next to you!


Lastly, make sure to stay in touch with OPTIPHI® via our Facebook and Twitter pages!


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