Winter skin treatments that are best for your skin



Skin Replensing Set_CONSUMER

Winter has now really settled in and is giving your skin a taxing time! You may be experiencing dryness, redness, tightness – maybe even cracked, it does not have to be this way! No matter if your skin is dry or oily, it is so important to give your skin extra special care to avoid damage and to preserve its health, inside and out.

Do you have any winter skincare tricks that work for you? Please do share here on our blog or on our social platforms!

If you have been following us on Facebook, you already know about our fabulous Classic Range. And this month, we really wanted to treat you! Our special is the perfect winter package that will soothe, protect, revitalize and restore your skin to its ultimate healthy beauty. Unleash your healthy beauty with optiphi®: there are no reasons to hide your elegance beneath subpar skincare. Doesn’t this sound like a wonderful pick me up during this gloomy, everlasting season?

Some warm glowing TLC for the cold, plus the free optiphi make-up bag – we want you not only to look good but feel good too, this is why we formulate our products not as superficial sit-on-the-surface-money-wasters but to create healthy structural integrity from within the skin, and it really shows… Our July special will allow you to save on our products and receive a gift too!

Meet the optiphi Winter Skin Replenishing Set

Take advantage of our Winter Skin Replenishing Set with the Classic Restore Therapy moisturizer combined with the Classic Eye Effect for only R995 AND you get a free optiphi® make-up bag too!


Our Winter Skin Replenishing set is a beautifully holistic package such that you do not need anything more than to simply enjoy your new glowing, rejuvenated beauty and the elegant, stylish and free!, make-up bag!

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Aging gracefully and saving money, what more could you wish for? Contact optiphi® today to find your nearest stockist.


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