Top 2 Winter Skin Tips for healthy skin

The optiphi® Classic solution for winter skin

The new CLASSIC SKIN CARE range has been developed to ensure good healthy skin by restoring the precious moisture that your skin needs as well as redefining its architecture  – and when is that more important than in winter?

The Classic Range is without a doubt, the best solution for your skin to get intense relief, a soothing effect and cellular rejuvenation on all levels.

If you have been following us on Facebook you will know all about our July special offer. Well, here we tell you about the benefits of taking advantage of this investment in your skin’s health


Tip 1: Are you noticing the signs of aging around your eyes?
Fine lines, wrinkles and bags can make us look tired, older, grumpy or even unapproachable.

The eye area is very delicate and sensitive, and requires extraordinarily gentle and targeted care.

Imagine how sensitive this area is during the dry winter months?

If you are looking to eliminate the bags under your eyes, try our Eye Effect! Remember “A beautiful window requires a beautiful frame”
This optiphi® Eye Firming Activator is just what your eyes need, not matter your age or gender. It is a multi-targeted complete eye cream that:

  • Gently, yet instantly firms and revives dull skin
  • Fights bags under the eye-area and
  • Improves skin elasticity for beautiful and bright eyes.


Tip 2: Is your skin encountering collagen and elasticity problems?

What Causes Loss of Elasticity?

  • Pollution
  • Stress
  • Living vigorously in a city, taking life head on, challenging your skin to stretch with your ambitions
  • This is all worsened by dry winter weather

The stimulation of collagen production is key to counteract this loss of elasticity. The dry winter weather hastens the loss of collagen in the skin through dehydration and we do not only want to put a stop to this, but reverse it too and with scientific care, WE CAN!

Our RESTORE THERAPY night cream will improve your skin’s structure by activating its collagen production at night, so your skin improves whilst you sleep.

The optiphi® Restore Therapy is designed as a Dermal Restoration Moisturizer which means that it activates a cascade of effects:

  • Restoring skin density
  • Supporting your skin structure
  • Promoting elasticity
  • Activating collagen
  • Replenishing lost moisture

Used in combination


Skin Replensing Set_CONSUMER

optiphi® ensures that our products and various ranges complement each other, working dynamically together to achieve the best possible results.


Whilst both the Eye Effect and the Restore Therapy Moisturizer are individually amazing, it is clear that these two star products complement each other incredibly well for an overall rested, replenished and soothed skin.
Our Winter Skin Replenishing set is the perfect dry season package to give your skin vitality and radiance!  The Restore Therapy restores moisture to your skin, bringing overall relief and repair into the deeper layers whilst the Eye Effect will erase and prevent unsightly under-eye bags giving your eyes more sparkle!

Contact optiphi® today to find out more.


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