optiphi® Hydra-Derm HA Formula for Men.

Many people think optiphi® only caters for the ladies, but this cannot be further from the truth…

Treat that special man in your world.

And what better to repay him for all his support and protection than with an easy protocol to keep him looking young, refreshed and loved.

PS, Ladies, it will also work for you, so it’s definitely worth giving as a gift.


Hydra-Derm for men
Quick and easy protection and hydration for male skin

What do we know about most men? We know that skin care is pretty far from the priorities list, right? Right!

But we also know that more and more men are actively engaging in their anti-ageing regimes but struggle with the discipline of routine. So what did we at optiphi® do? We created a product to not only suit their need, but also to suit their skin care schedule.


Hydra-Derm HA

We designed Hydra-Derm HA as a once a day night treatment for male skin. Simple. We knew we needed to pack as many elements into this treatment to make the most of the time many men give to their nightly routine.

Our optiphi® Hydra-Derm HA treatment offers six over night benefits.

  • Cellular renewal
  • Stops visible skin signs of stress
  • Improved moisture will leave the skin revitalized
  • It’s a leave on formula that absorbs easily
  • Reduces the signs of ageing
  • Skin will feel less tight

Easy and convenient, apply Hydra-Derm HA each night after a good cleanse and your man will receive all the anti-aging benefits his skin needs overnight.


Is he taking skin care to the next level?

If so, then have your man combine this Hydra-Derm HA routine with an optiphi® Dermintense Activegel for ultimate anti-ageing results. It’s the simple addition of another product before the Hydra-Derm HA application and he will see real benefits.

And if you know of a male who does not enjoy hydrating baths, oils etc but is struggling with dry skin – perhaps our Curve Body Lotion is the perfect solution

Contact OPTIPHI® today to find your nearest stockiest, and don’t forget to tell us what you think via our FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn pages.



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