Skin Rejuvenation, No More Myths


Autumn is upon us, and then the dry winter season will have us in jumpers and scarves. In preparation, we thought it wise to showcase some skin rejuvenation options to prepare your skin for the dry winter.

If you want supple, fresh and healthy skin all year round, then read on…


March also brought with it NEW AWARDS from Marie Claire Magazine. The Classic Range won Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence de la Beauté. We are extremely proud.

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Texture, Tone and Complexion 

Rediscover your skin’s youthful glow


OPTIPHI Skin Rejuvenation Treatment will boost your skin’s radiance. Simple! But what does that actually mean? If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then you are looking to boost your skins radiance and our Skin Rejuvenation Treatment will work wonders for you. Are you looking to?

  • Revive dull skin texture?
  • Rehydrate the skin?
  • Unclog your skin?
  • Stimulate cellular renewal?

The optiphi® Skin rejuvenation Treatment is a Chemical Peel that boosts the radiance of your skin. Your features will appear tightened, and your skin will look more uniform and radiant. What’s not to like?


Let’s debunk some myths about chemical peeling

Chemical peels have changed, in the past they used to cause redness, peeling and inflammation. At optiphi® we have changed all this. Here are some myths we would like to put to bed, especially regarding our Skin Rejuvenation Chemical Peels.

Myth 1: Your skin should “peel” after having a peel treatment
People assume that a chemical peel treatment was unsuccessful if their skin does not peel afterwards. Visible exfoliation doesn’t determine the efficacy of treatment. You may not know this but generally, healthy skin has less visible exfoliation. Exfoliation often takes place at the cellular level and is not always visible to the naked eye.

Typically, these patients will see little or no peeling initially, and then see sloughing after a few treatments. This is great news, as it means you benefit from increased cellular turnover but no longer need the social downtime.

Myth 2: My skin is too sensitive for a chemical peel
Chemical peels, like the name indicates, do contain chemicals but rest assured the active acids in the OPTIPHI chemical peels are natural.

  • Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane
  • Lactic acid from sour milk
  • Salicylic acid from wintergreen

This means that chemical peels will do wonders for all skin types, even sensitive skin! Everyone can benefit and enjoy refreshed texture, tone and complexion.

Myth 3: Chemical Peels Make your skin more sensitive to the sun
We can assure you that the OPTIPHI Skin Rejuvenation Treatment will not make you any more sensitive to sunlight than you were before you had the peel.  As long as you take the necessary precautions and remember to wear high quality sun block on a daily basis (especially during the next 4 to 6 weeks post peel).

This is simply to protect your fresh cells from new damage, and is our recommendation to everyone concerned with anti-aging regardless of whether you are undergoing chemical peeling or not.

Myth 4: Chemical peels leave your skin red and inflamed?
Contrary to what you may think, a chemical peel is no longer designed to leave your skin red, raw and burnt. By choosing a professional skin peeling system we prevent excessive inflammation and redness!
Our optiphi® therapists are all trained to treat your skin to best suite your individual needs.


Do you want to undergo an optiphi® Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?
Our optiphi® Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is an anti-aging chemical peeling treatment designed to:

  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Improve Skin Texture
  • Improve Skin Hydration
  • Refine Enlarged Pores
  • Stimulate Cellular Activity
  • Increase Dermal Thickness
  • Increase Collagen Synthesis
  • Improve Skin Elasticity and Firmness
  • Address Hyperpigmentation


Many of us are on a quest to get the perfect skin: soft, smooth, young looking and glowing.  The OPTIPHI Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is unique. Very little to no downtime, no redness, swelling or peeling; after only one treatment your skin will look perfectly hydrated and resurfaced.

optiphi® skin tips for winter

All year round tips but these are particularly important in winter


OPTIPHI Skin Tip: Do you keep your skin hydrated?

Dehydration is the main cause of early signs of aging and puts your skin under stress. In the cooler months it is more difficult to drink water daily as most prefer the option of warmer beverages. Trust us. Drink water. If you cannot stick to your daily intake then the OPTIPHI Skin Rejuvenation Treatment will revive and repair your skin in no time thanks to its moisturizing properties. Also optiphi® has two moisturising creams to choose from:

  • Moisture Control Light
  • Moisture Control Ultra


OPTIPHI Skin Tip: Is sunblock part of your daily skincare routine?

If not, it definitely should be. We cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is that you protect your skin from the UV rays. In sunny climates especially, the sun is the main culprit when it comes to early signs of aging. In the cooler months, many of us forget to wear daily sunblock and that is why we recommend using our award winning protect the canvas as part of your daily routine.
Should you wish to reverse sun damage caused in the summer months, then kick-start your winter preparation with a Skin Rejuvenation Treatment.You will seebenefitin the form of improving sun-damaged skin and addressing aging skin that has developed blemishes, redness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter if you want to find out about our SPF or need advice about skin care?


OPTIPHI Skin Tip: Seek advice from one of the optiphi® therapists.


They will answer your questions and will guide you through the product catalogue best suited to your skins needs. At optiphi® we don’t want you spending on products that are unnecessary. Our homecare ranges match professional products to offer cellular rejuvenation to keep you skin healthy throughout the year, and not just in winter.
Remember, we can help you find the closest optiphi® therapist to you. Simply send us a message on Facebook or on twitter.


OPTIPHI Skin Tip: Remember, summer isn’t over yet!


Make sure to protect your skin with a high SPF in order to keep early aging signs away and keep your complexion even and radiant! AND don’t forget to apply moisturizer every single day no matter how your skin feels!

These two habits don’t take much time out of your routine yet will keep your skin looking young and healthy!



Marie Claire Awards optiphi® in 2014
Classic Range wins Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence de la Beauté



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