Hot Skin in Winter

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This edition we want to prepare you all for the dry winter. Winter conditions are harsh on the skin, but our team of experts have designed a treatment and homecare regime to ensure you minimize the damage caused by dry or wind swept skin.

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New Skin and Hydration
Preparing your skin for winter

 Nobody likes to find new lines or wrinkles. In fact the reason you are reading this is to help avoid developing lines and wrinkles altogether. The problem however is that winter brings with it many conditions that hasten visible aging, but we at OPTIPHI® have developed a 3-step treatment solution. Interested? We thought you would be…


First step – New skin

Visit your OPTIPHI® therapist for a 6-course chemical peel treatment. Undergoing a Chemical Peel treatment will hasten the exfoliation process on your skin and bring new unblemished skin to the surface. The key factors we want to promote for the winter however is the improvement in:

  • Skin Elasticity
  • Skin Firmness

These improvements would be beneficial throughout the year but in winter they help to battle the tight dry skin associated with dehydration.


Step 2 – Rejuvenate

Incorporate the Rejuvenating Revitalizer into your daily routine.  Again this product from our Active Range is a superb all year round cream but the retinol in the Rejuvenating Revitalizer will stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin.

Collagen and elastin, as we all know, are responsible for fresh, plump and supple skin. The dry winter season damages collagen and elastin in the skin, but a daily application to new unblemished skin will not only maintain but also greatly improve your skin quality through winter.

Remember to speak to your OPTIPHI® therapist about retinol and your specific skin type.


Step 3 – Moisturize

This step goes without saying, but it is important to know that we at OPTIPHI® have developed Moisture Control Ultra to give your skin that extra boost through the cold and dry winter. We cannot stress how important it is to moisturise twice daily through winter.
Moisture Control Ultra is a richer cream designed to provide an additional moisturizing effect for individuals with dry skin, but it is a superb substitute for Moisture Control Light through the winter months.


Our 3-step treatment solution covers the entire spectrum:

  • We rid the body of damaged skin susceptible to hastened aging and replace it with brand new blemish free skin
  • We then provide that new skin with collagen and elastin to keep it functioning at optimum levels
  • Before finally providing your new skin with all the moisture it needs to combat the deadly effect of winter

Get your skin prepared for winter with OPTIPHI® and you’ll look better and better through the winter months. Drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter to find your nearest OPTIPHI® therapist.


Body Curve Body Lotion
You asked, we listened


All our love ♥
optiphi® team

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