Healthy Habits – Looking After Your Skin






We are posting about good skin care healthy habits for 2014. To help you either get your skin off the best start possible or build on the good work you have already done. They might seem obvious, but our tips will definitely produce results.

We also start 2014 off with a Classic Range BANG! We are so proud of what we have achieved with this range and where it fits into our already superb product portfolio. This Classic range should definitely form part of your skin care habits.


The Classic Range
What does your skin need at this time of year?

The OPTIPHI® Classic Skin Care Range is described as the best skincare range to ensure good healthy skin by reinstating moisture and redefining skin architecture. That means it is the best solution for you to give your skin intense relief, a soothing effect and cellular rejuvenation on all levels.
The Classic products are perfect for what your skin is in dire need of at the beginning of the year!

What about the OPTIPHI® Active Range?

At OPTIPHI®, we always make sure that our products and various ranges complement each other and work in a very dynamic manner.

The Classic Skin Care range beautifully balances the existing Active Range that OPTIPHI® has to offer. The core focus being to maintain the cellular activity stimulated by the Active Range, the Classic Skin Care range is all about maintenance and skin architecture!


What products to I need?

We at OPTIPHI® thought we should spin how we look at our products on its head. Very often we are asked skin condition questions, so lets get 2014 off to a Classic start with a symptoms checker.

Dry or dull skin? Do you suffer from dry and dull skin? Or would you like to further enhance your skin radiance? Then the REFINE-FOLIANT αβc is for you.

Ageing eyes? Are you aware of lines around your eyes? Or have you found that other products have failed to reverse visible ageing around this delicate area? How about those tired bags under your eyes? If so, the EYE EFFECT will solve all your problems.

Daily Moisturizer but forgets the sunblock? Many people love our OPTIPHI® COMPLETE THERAPY as it is the perfect moisturizing day cream but it comes with an SPF 15 included. No more doubling up on daily processes, and you protect your skin from further sun damage.

Collagen and elasticity problems? Are you concerned about your skin’s lost elasticity? If you promote collagen production this loss of elasticity can be reversed and your skin structure will be improved. Did you know the best time to activate collagen is at night? Hence the night cream RESTORE THERAPY.

Daily cleansing leaving your skin dry? Cleansing the skin is all about pH and protecting the natural barrier layer. Many good homecare regimes are scuppered by poor cleansing. At OPTIPHI® we have created a PURE CLEANSING WASH to not only balance the pH in your skin but soothe it too.

Are you worried about wrinkles? If skin tightening and lifting is your concern then our HYDRA-DERM HA MASQUE will be your answer. Skin hydration and anti-wrinkles and skin volume mean less visible ageing. We don’t know anyone who is not concerned with their visible age, hence the popularity of this product.

Acne or oily skin? Do you suffer from acne prone skin or do you have overactive oil production? What you need is powerful anti-oxidants with skin soothing action, but most importantly you need this all combined with anti-microbial action. You need our CLARITY SERUM.


As always, if you have your very own skin concerns and would like some skin advice and product tips, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Facebook or Twitter pages. Alternatively you can leave us a message on our blog.

2014 Skin Care – Healthy Habits

The skin you are in…

A new year means a fresh start, one that is full of confidence and good resolutions. And often, confidence stems from feeling good about one’s self and loving the skin we’re in. In 2014 we would love for you to experience the many benefits that OPTIPHI® can bring to your skin; in order for your skin to be rejuvenated, refined and resurfaced.

There is so much to experience, from the Active Range to the new Classic Range and even our Professional Range.


Skin Care Healthy Habits

Did you know the correct actives at prime concentrations could reverse the effects of sun damage?

When it comes to your skin, there is so much to remember! It’s great to take up good habits such as:

  • Going to bed early
  • Applying sunscreen daily
  • Drinking more water
  • Eating more healthily


But the most important is consistency and dedication. Those little healthy habits will make a huge difference in few years’ time so make sure to keep up the good work! We want you to build on the positive skin foundations set last year and reduce visible signs of ageing. May 2014 see your anti-ageing dreams come true.


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