Welcome to the Summer Skin Newsletter


Welcome to the Summer Skin Newsletter 

Summer is officially here! Holiday season is upon us which means fun in the sun. This edition provides you with some valuable skin tips for the summer season; some facts about summer skin care and of course some anti-aging advice to keep your skin young, fresh and supple through the warmer months.

We are very excited about the launch of our new Classic Skin Care Range. The focus of this new range is to address skin architecture and to maintain the results that you have been achieving with our world-renowned Active Range. We hope you will be as excited about the new range as we are.

During the summer months – we’ll be posting summer skincare advice/tips, so don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, read our blogs and send us your queries. (As always, don’t be shy to ask questions!)

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Age Gracefully: Be Sun Wise

During the summer holidays, you will most likely be exposed to the sun. We cannot stress the importance of protecting your skin with the right products enough!

Sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer but it is also a major contributing factor when it comes to the 7 signs of aging. 

Why does sun damage age the skin?

Let’s start off by addressing the effect sun has on the skin. Sun exposure increases melanin production in the skin.

This leads to that bronze tanned appearance, but this melanin can also leave your skin blotchy and pigmented.

Increased sun exposure can also cause vessels near the surface to dilate giving you a permanently red and flushed look, often associated with older skin. Sunspots and age spots form, what more do we need to say…

Finally increased sun exposure will rapidly dehydrate the skin. Dehydrated skin will become brittle, thin and fragile.

This results in a wrinkle formation and dull looking skin texture associated with age. So let OPTIPHI® help you do something about it.

What do we suggest you do this summer?

First off, use a broadband sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30. We recommend our OPTIPHI®Protect the Canvas should be applied frequently to shield skin against UV exposure. Protect the Canvas is the first line of defence in fighting photo aging. This is a sun protection cream that acts as a reliable broad spectrum UV filter – it provides that SPF30 protection you need and it assists in reducing the signs of photo aging.


The Facial Cleanser and Muslin Cloth combination is our second line of defence against the perils of the summer sun, ensuring a smooth cleansed skin and adequate removal of dead skin cells. The OPTIPHI® Facial Cleanser cleanses deeply and gently removes impurities without disturbing the barrier integrity of the skin. It also desensitizes irritation to the skin and provides light chemical exfoliation.

Our OPTIPHI® Muslin Cloth used in combination with the Facial Cleanser improves the skin texture. The cloth offers additional gentle exfoliation to smooth the superficial layer of the skin whilst cleansing. This means your skin starts the day in the healthiest possible way, at the correct pH and without damage caused by harmful soaps.

The third step to being sun wise this summer, is to enjoy the benefits of a skin moisturiser which addresses your cellular hydration and balances your intracellular hyaluronic acid levels, sustains skin equilibrium and prevents dry or dehydrated skin– such as our Moisture Control Light.

Remember to apply the Moisture Control Light in the morning and before bed on a clean skin for ultimate hydration, or for enhanced anti-aging benefits combine with the Revitalizers or Activegels. We often make the mistake of neglecting our skin in summer due to the higher humidity levels but the additional sun exposure affects the skin just as much as the dry winter.

Take our advice; protect your skin and age gracefully by being SUNWISE!



A new range to address skin moisture and skin architecture

OPTIPHI® is excited about our new CLASSIC SKIN CARE range. The range consists of 7 products. The new CLASSIC

SKIN CARE range has been developed to ensure good healthy skin by reinstating moisture and redefining skin architecture. Healthy skin at its best with CLASSIC SKIN CARE!

Perfect to maintain skin balance

We’d like to introduce 3 of our 7 new Classic Skin Care Range products to you (… Join us next month for more on the other 4!)


The A-B-C steps to a Smooth Radiant skin.

An active chemical exfoliant is a key factor for smooth radiant skin. The OPTIPHI® Refine-Foliant αβc triple advanced complex is designed to leave your skin looking toned, supple and refined.


Do you want an immediate impact on the bags under your eyes? Try this OPTIPHI® Eye Firming Activator!

This multi-targeted complete eye cream provides instant firming, revives dull skin, fights bags under the eye-area and improves skin elasticity for beautiful, bright youthful looking eyes. Are these claims true?


This is the Classic Skincare day cream with an SPF 20 for both skin barrier protection and as a moisturizer. Experience the benefits of potent anti-oxidants, combined with the best daytime skin protection in a daily moisturizer. The

OPTIPHI® Complete Therapy is an all in one complete skin hydration, anti-wrinkle, skin restructuring and repair cream.

The Classic Skin Care range will complement the existing OPTIPHI® Active Range product. The core focus being to enhance and maintain the cellular activity stimulated by the Active Range. We can’t wait to hear your feedback. The new range will be available at your nearest spa or salon this December!


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