The Women’s Month Newsletter – September Edition

Spring has sprung and with it we bring some wonderful warmer weather surprises. This month we are giving you insight into a wonderful new Classic Range launching soon, we’ll tell you all about our Professional Beauty success from this year’s show and highlight our OPTIPHI Fantastic Skin Trio special.

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Relieve skin stress this summer with OPTIPHI

Did you know that stress will show on your skin? Most of us are constantly on the go, especially at this time of year, when Christmas parties need arranging and holiday plans make the calendar year shorter. You have to get everything finished and the stress can be unbearable. OPTIPHI have recognized this trend and have decided to keep your skin stress free with our Fantastic Skin Trio initiative.


Do you want to save your skin from the stresses of life? At OPTIPHI we know our products will reverse visible signs of aging with our specific active ingredients we can tailor a range to combat the stresses of the daily grind. What’s more, we have made it a special offer to take advantage of this skin insight. We want to hydrate and activate your skin this summer. So this is what we suggest and offer: Purchase a Moisture Control Light or Moisture Control Ultra and Dermintense Activegel together and we will provide you with a FREE “ON-THE-GO” 2 in 1 Protect Dual.

Start treating your skin today.

What do the products do?

In essence OPTIPHI wanted to create the perfect skin routine for the on-the go man or woman. We wanted to cover all the aspects of daily skin care while combating stress effects on the skin.



This is the FREE product if you purchase the other two. Why did we include it? Well because the dual is just that: a dual dispenser and it always contains an OPTIPHI cleanser to start the day with the correct non-soap and correct ph for your skin. We then chose the Protecting

Revitalizer because it contains heat-activated actives that shield the skin and promotes the self-protective capabilities of the skin – thus fighting the signs of photo-aging. This product is designed to “turn back the sun dial” on existing photo-damage due to environmental exposure.

The Protecting Revitalizer:

• Promotes the maintenance of the anti-oxidant systems,

• Soothes & protects skin cells against solar damage,

• Slows down the destruction of skin proteins,

• Builds new proteins,

• Improves DNA health,

• Protects against UV radiation

All of this assists with the reduction of the visible signs of aging.


We included Moisture Control Light or Moisture Control Ultra into the stress TRIO because these products play a key role in keeping your skin supple, smooth and hydrated. It should be your skin’s daily companion throughout the year! Moisturizing your skin every single day is a step no one should ever skip! You might think that keeping your skin moisturized is only important in winter! Think again! Summer is a vital time to be thinking about skin hydration – apply moisturizer frequently, because the heat, sun and swimming dehydrate your skin faster than you know.


Finally we included the Dermintense Activegel. This is a collagen and elastin enhancement therapy that provides maximum protection against UV damage at a cellular level. This is a key element especially for us living in South Africa.

Our skin needs a shield against the powerful sun, in summer of course, but also throughout the year. The Dermintense Activegel increases the cells ability to produce enzymes and proteins, which in turn, improves the overall condition of the skin. The Dermintense Activegel, contains peptides, activates collagen and elastin production, builds skin matrix, and protects the skin against 7 signs of aging.

What are you waiting for?

Head down to your nearest OPTIPHI stockist to take advantage of our Fantastic Skin Trio initiative. The results will be worth it, your skin will love you and so too will the camera during this year’s Christmas and holiday festivities.



Are you ready for something new?

OPTIPHI is excited to launch their new CLASSIC SKIN CARE range. The range will consist of six products with a seventh product to be launched later in 2013.

The range is described as the best skincare range to ensure good healthy skin by reinstating moisture and redefining skin architecture. The official launch will only take place a bit later but we thought we’d let you know now, so you can keep your eyes peeled.

What is in the new Classic Range?

Each product is designed to maintain skin quality, build upon skin architecture and of course maintain skin moisture. The range includes:

• REFINE-FOLIANT αβc – Smooth Radiance Exfoliator

• EYE EFFECT – Eye Firming Activator

• COMPLETE THERAPY – Barrier Protecting Moisturizer

• RESTORE THERAPY – Dermal Restoration Moisturizer

• PURE CLEANSING WASH – Delicate Daily Cleanser

• CLARITY SERUM – Skin Calming Regulator

The Classic Skin Care range will complement the existing Active Range that OPTIPHI has to offer. The core focus being to maintain the cellular activity stimulated by the Active Range, the Classic Skin Care range is all about maintenance and skin architecture.

Stay tuned to the OPTIPHI Blog and Facebook page for updates.


A wonderful success



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