4 Reasons why a Chemical Peel is great for your skin!

chemical peels

Our Skin Peeling Treatment offers the ultimate skincare solution by combining the regenerative capabilities of glycolic acid with a range of potent actives to promote true skin rejuvenation…

Is your skin texture dull and do you find that your skin surface is a tad rough?

Chemical peeling is widely gaining popularity because it really helps you to get that smooth, glowing face… Our Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is beneficial for improving sun-damaged skin and addressing aging skin that has developed blemishes, redness, fine lines and wrinkles.

Our anti-aging facial peel revives the vitality of your skin – after just one OPTIPHI skin peel treatment you will feel a difference to your skin texture.

This luxurious treatment will boost your skin’s radiance- it is an anti-aging chemical peeling treatment designed to:

    1. Revive dull skin texture
    2. Rehydrate the skin
    3. Unclog your skin
    4. Stimulate cellular renewal


→Refines enlarged pores and improves the elasticity of the skin, nourishing your skin in the correct way according to your own hormonal and environmental factors.

→Boosts the radiance of your skin:

With our Skin Peeling Treatment your features will appear tightened, and your skin will look more uniform and radiant.

→Revives and alleviates dull, damaged and stressed skin. Dehydration is a massive contributor to skin aging and that is why we address hydration so effectively with our Skin Rejuvenation Treatment!

Thanks to OPTIPHI skin peel treatment, your skin will be effectively resurfaced, tackling the deeper layers of the skin while protecting the new epidermal layers.

The OPTIPHI skin peel is designed to regenerate the basal skin cells allowing for optimal recovery of the skin structure and function. The optiphi range of actives build and maintain the benefits achieved through the peeling system thereby optimizing skin recovery!

Have you ever experience an OPTIPHI Chemical Peel? Would you be interested? Please do share your thoughts on the topic, right here on the blog and on our Facebook page too!



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