The Women’s Month Newsletter – August Edition
Spring is around the corner and the weather has been playing ball (well for the most part) to reward all of the ladies
for Women’s Month 2013. We hope you all are as excited as we are to welcome the warmer weather.
Through August 2013 OPTIPHI® has been launching the Renew Hand Cream, which, if you haven’t heard about our
Optiphi Facebook Page then you read about it below. We are also running our LONGEST running giveaway to date
to celebrate our 900 likes on Facebook.
Don’t forget: Optiphi® are blogging! We love staying in touch with you all and our Facebook page is proving to be a
wonderful success but we want to give you more. You can find our blog at http://www.optiphiblog.wordpress.com- we hope
you love it.
All our love ♥ | optiphi® team
012 667 6244 | info@optiphi.com



We all know that we tend to forget about our hands when it comes to skincare. The focus remains on the face and the hands are left out. But did you know that your hands tend to show your real age as they get damaged? This is why they deserve the same attention as your face!
Introducing the OPTIPHI® Renew Hand Cream!
Developed from the core ethos at optiphi® the Renew Anti-Aging Hand Therapy targets cellular nourishment and includes SPF 20 for sun
protection. Aimed to:
• Restore
• Nourish
• Shield
The Renew Hand Therapy is designed to protect your skin on a cellular level.
The most sophisticated hand cream for total skin protection
It is important to apply a moisturizing cream on your hands on a daily basis, no matter the season but the fact is, our OPTIPHI® Renew
Anti-Aging Hand Therapy is so much more than a simple moisturizer.
Developed from the core ethos at OPTIPHI® the Renew Anti-Aging Hand Therapy targets cellular nourishment and includes SPF 20 for sun
protection. This nourishing OPTIPHI® Renew Hand Cream therapy is not only formulated to shield your skin against UV induced damage, but also to restore moisture and reinstate cellular anti-oxidants. Use the OPTIPHI® Renew Hand Cream to promote anti-aging and diminish age spots for soft, youthful hands.
What do the actives in the optiphi Renew Anti-Aging Hand Therapy do for your skin?
• Scientific skin control and nourishment
• Minimises the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors
• Promotes collagen synthesis and skin brightening
• Increases skin protein synthesis
• Improves even skin texture
• Provides high moisture retention and hydration
That’s not all, the OPTIPHI® Renew Anti-Aging Hand Therapy also promotes restoration and skin repair and does so on so many
different levels:
• Improves elasticity and skin firmness
• Protects cells from UVA-Induced DNA damage
• Improves skin firmness, thickness, moisturization and elasticity
• Protects lipid structures
• Brightens age spots
How to use the Renew Anti-Aging Hand Therapy:
Smooth a pearl sized +-1cm amount of hand therapy cream over the outside (upper area) of the hands, and apply the excess to inner surface. Application is recommended twice daily, after having washed hands or in cases of high or continuous UV exposure every 3-4 hours.

Remember, your hands should not be an afterthought within your beauty routine. Their constant exposure to the sun, especially here in South Africa, makes them really susceptible to being damaged and looking older than they should. At the given concentration of active ingredients, OPTIPHI® Renew Anti-Aging Hand Therapy promises an improved skin texture with better moisture retention. This moisture retention leads to improved skin thickness and elasticity, resulting in brightened age-spots and ultimately softer, younger looking hands.



Build up to the Beauty event of the year!
Professional Beauty Johannesburg is taking place between 1st and 2nd September 2013 at Gallagher Estate in Midrand, and OPTIPHI® will
be there!

Professional Beauty showcases the latest product launches, innovations and developments from across the globe and OPTIPHI® will be setting the trend.
The OPTIPHI® booth
Find our OPTIPHI® booth at stand B22, Hall 2. Like last year we will be running special promotions, providing FREE treatments and hand
massages, PLUS we will be showcasing the new OPTIPHI® Renew Hand Cream Therapy.
All you have to do is visit our stand to find out how you can benefit from the OPTIPHI® experience. We look forward to meeting you all face to face.





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