The “Skin Hydration” Newsletter – July Edition

Winter has set in…the cold takes a toll on one’s skin, optiphi has solutions to keep your skin hydrated, young and fresh! Skin dehydration is a leading cause of wrinkles and premature ageing and although we know you moisturise daily, we thought you might like a little reminder that perhaps you should double your efforts through the dry winter months.


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Revitalizer’s take centre stage

The optiphi ® Revitalizers are your skin’s greatest allies in fighting aging. They make sure your skin stays protected and looked after the best way, especially during the dry winter!

We’ll discuss the role collagen and elastin play in keeping our skin young, supple and healthy, plus a visible sign of aging that is corrected by using optimal concentrations of actives.

Rejuvenate from Within

OPTIPHI Revitalizers affect the function of your skin from the INSIDE out by positively conditioning cellular functionality. This means we can enhance cellular systems that cause aging and dull skin. Vitamin A – retinol is a key cosmeceutical active which functions within the skin cells to help rehabilitate damaged or aged cells! Retinol performs as a normalizing vitamin, also helping to speed up cellular renewal and balance the melanocytes that cause pigmentation- giving rise to more healthy hydrated skin cells.

Rebuilding Collagen& Elastin – Why is it so important to stimulate the production of Collagen?

Collagen production decreases as we age, this means the cells that produce collagen – the fibroblasts – slowdown in activity and our skin starts to lose its youthful plumpness. It is estimated that by the time we reach the age of 30, we are losing 1% of collagen in our skin yearly. This means a thinned and less robust dermis that will become prone to lines and wrinkles: it is what we call “biological aging «and it happens naturally as we get older….Of course we also need to include factors like sun damage which accelerates this biological aging process and further decreases our natural stores of collagen.

Immediately you can see the need for a Revitalizing product, can’t you?

But what if we told you we could kick-start collagen production and then protect your skin from environmental factors that erode our natural collagen? Anti-oxidants and retinol are needed to help protect the collagen we have in our skin against quicker degradation and further breakdown.

The Protecting and Rejuvenating Revitalizers not only stimulate collagen production and restore youth to your skin, and they ALSO contain vital anti-oxidants, retinol and peptides.

Refine Texture & Pores – What causes enlarged pores?

Two common reasons for enlarged pores:

• Over-active sebaceous glands releasing too much sebum

• Gravity and loss of skin elasticity cause sagging skin

BY using the active ingredient Rejuvenone, we can expect a reduction in pore size by 26% resulting in a firmer skin. Instead of temporarily reducing pore size, as would be the effect of a toner, the OPTIPHI Revitalizers actually strengthen the cellular walls, refineskin texture and minimize the actual pore size.Retinol has the ability to re-epithelialize capillary walls and valves therefore improving dilated capillaries which also causes redness in the skin. There you have it, some science behind our Revitalizers.


Rejuv July 13


Understanding the aesthetic side of skincare

We have continued to showcase the OPTIPHI approach to Skin Radiance at our events.

Our approach to skin radiance will leave you confident that your skincare needs are in the best hands.


Idalette (optiphi) & Tasha from Fake it

Freda from Mkem & Idalette (optiphi)

Idalette, Wendy, Roeleen & Nancia from optiphi


Stay tuned for our new product launch in AUGUST!


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