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The ‘FOR HIM’ Newsletter – June Edition Let’s be honest with ourselves and admit we tend to think of skincare as the domain of ‘woman only’… but things are changing. Here at OPTIPHI® we have noticed a significant rise in the demand of the male market. Maybe the men are buying gifts for their better halves, but maybe, just maybe they are realizing the need for active skincare. ‘FOR HIM’ To celebrate – OPTIPHI has gone BLUE for the month! We thought it’s time to spoil the men in our lives, which is why OPTIPHI® has launched a Limited Edition Ageless Activegel for MEN! Don’t forget: OPTIPHI® are blogging! Online – we’ll provide you with Top Tips to banish dry winter skin. We love staying in touch with you all and our Facebook page is proving to be a wonderful success but we want to give you more. You can find our blog at http://www.optiphiblog.wordpress.com- we hope you love it.

All our love ♥ | optiphi® team 012 667 6244 | info@optiphi.com

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Move over mom, dad might just be taking over your OPTIPHI products… 

Improve skin tone, colour and brightness – what else could you want from a simple, one-step homecare product?

We at OPTIPHI®know that your skin needs high quality skincare in order to remain strong and healthy, but convincing your man might take a little doing.

The Ageless Activegel can and will protect your skin and keep it healthy for longer, by: • Slowing down the aging processes,
• Decreasing collagen & elastin breakdown,
• Calming the response symptoms caused by free radicals/UV exposure,

• Reducing redness
• Enhancing cellular DNA health

Perfect for your man, why? 

1. Ageless Activegel is light & water based. We know how most men don’t particularly fancy creamy and sticky textures, nor do they like applying multiple productsbut our Ageless Activegel provides enough moisture to be used on its own, making the application quick and hassle-free.

2. The Ageless Activegel is soothing for skin rashes after shaving. What’s more, due to its exceptionally light consistency and the fact that it is very calming, men can use it as a post shave balm and moisturizer in one!

Is your man and outdoor kind of guy? 

Another aspect of the Ageless Activegel, perfect for your man, is that it efficiently and rapidly removes & soothes redness, which is something a lot of men suffer from.
Chronic inflammation on men’s (and women’s) skin is often caused by extreme sun exposure:

• Outdoor sports,

• Running,

• Cycling

• Golf

• Fishing,

• Surfing,

• Canoeing,

• Outdoor Jobs (Gardening services, construction etc)

This is where OPTIPHI Ageless Activegel comes to the rescue. Men simply love to be outdoors, playing golf, rugby or surfing butthey often forget to take care of their skin before and after! Our ageless Activegel is perfect to be used as a sun cooling gel with its refreshing gel like light texture.

Benefits for mom and dad! 

• Offers protection of cells from stress (UV, heat, toxic chemicals, aging, inflammation and free radicals) and UV damage, and also assists

in the repair of cell damage.

• Inhibits collagen and elastin breakdown

• Decreases the pro-inflammatory response

• Has anti-oxidant activity

• Improves blood flow and recovers skin surface temperature


Visit your local stockist for your anti-aging calming complex Limited Edition packs for Him & Her.

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We would like to send a big thank you to everyone who attended our event! We are honoured to have been joined by the Media’s finest – magazine editors, in our midst were: True Love, Vrouekeur, Destiny, Leef & Sarie (Who have a FANTASTIC ARTICLE about Brands and their STAR products – catch the JUNE issue now before it’s too late!) and bloggers who keep us thrilled with their online adventures, Notanotherpoppie.com; Completedisbelief.co.za ( pleased to know you loved our Essence 1.618 Balm!) and Joburg.co.za. Can’t wait for our next one!!

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OPTIPHI is also thrilled that the long-awaited Skin Radiance event will be hitting the mother city this month. The event will be hosted by Dr Hugo Nel, plastic and reconstructive surgeon. The talk will cover science of skin radiance, and how the scientific approach from OPTIPHI sets out to turn the science into reality. From precise actives to premium concentrations the methodical approach to skin radiance will leave you confident that your skincare needs are in the best hands. Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.17.22 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.18.21 PM Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 3.19.51 PM

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