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May started with a BANG! Workers day is a global holiday to celebrate everyone’s contribution to the workplace. And we hope that you and your mom spent some quality time together on Mother’s Day.

We want you to know about the backbone of Optiphi – the Revitalizers and what they can do for your skin, and also what a great gift they could be for your mom – anytime of the year, not just Mother’s day.


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We want you to have it all at your fingertips

We are proud to announce the OPTIPHI ® blog… for all the latest info in the world of skincare. You can visit the blog by following this

link: www.optiphiblog.wordpress.com

Our blog will feature guest bloggers, our newsletter and hot topics – so stay in touch. If you would like to contribute to the OPTIPHI® blog, let us know and we will CONNECT with you.



Anti-aging Genius

You are one step closer to your ideal skin, why? Because the OPTIPHI Revitalizers are the best for potent

anti-aging. Discover more…

There are 2 Revitalizers:

• Protecting Revitalizer

• Rejuvenating Revitalizer

Both products offer unique skin benefits for both young and older skin.

Protecting Revitalizer – Shield skin & target photo-damage

OPTIPHI PROTECTING REVITALIZER: the perfect way to turn back the sun-dial.

Actives combined in the PROTECTING REVITALIZER are all aimed at defending your skin against the impact of the environment that can cause damage and premature aging.

Protecting your skin happens on many levels and there are a few factors that must be covered.

The actives help:

• Protect the natural anti-oxidant mechanisms in the skin

• Improve the in-house enzymatic anti-oxidant system

• Protect cell membranes from free radicals & UV-radiation

• Protect cellular DNA from UV-radiation

• Add external anti-oxidants – Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E

OPTIPHI PROTECTING REVITALIZER is vital for your skin as it is needed to protect our skin against the potent effects of the sunrays. Photo damage is one of the main signs of aging.

Improve and prevent 7 signs of aging:

Hydration, skin barrier function, skin pigmentation, skin firmness, skin roughness, wrinkles, pore size and redness.

But that’s not all. This product also slows down the destruction of the skin matrix, has a soothing and calming effect and normalizes skin enzyme activity.

Rejuvenating Revitalizer – Restore your skin while you rest

The concept behind the REJUVENATING REVITALIZER creation was to build skin to lose years from your visible age. The actives concentrated in the product restore the skin beautifully while promoting the delay of cellular aging.


• Improve the cellular ability to build proteins

• Improve the cellular DNA health

• Delay cellular senescence

• Improve telomerase activity

• Accelerate the cell cycle

• Improve age related decrease in cell turnover

What we at OPTIPHI particularly pay attention to when creating products is to increase the cell cycle, which in turns improves skin smoothness.



• Stimulation of matrix protein synthesis

• Acceleration of wrinkle decrease

• Acceleration of skin repair

• Improvement of dermal-epidermal junction integrity

We create skincare that targets many different aspects of skin aging because we feel that ultimately, most factors leading to premature aging are interlinked.

Benefits of Rejuvenating Revitalizer:

• Decrease collagen and elastin breakdown

• Calms the response symptoms caused by free radicals/UV exposure

• Acceleration of wrinkle decrease

• Acceleration of skin repair

• Reduces redness and enhances cellular DNA health

• Acts as an anti-oxidant and assists in protecting natural vitamin C but also promotes moisture control

Retinol Tip:

The REVITALIZERS contain Retinol. For more seek the advice of your professional optiphi® skincare therapist.





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