The Easter Newsletter – March Edition

march NL


Ok, we are not going to lie to you – March brings with it Easter and Easter brings with it chocolates + more chocolates…. Chocolate is not the best thing to be indulging in when skin care is your primary concern, but never fear, we at OPTIPHI are human too… And love delicious treats!

Spoil your skin with our Activegels – combat skin ageing with the onset of autumn and those (few) chocolate eggs.

We are privileged to have received the amazing news that our Complexion Control WON the

Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté BEST LOCAL PRODUCT AWARD!

Thank you to the Marie Claire panel of judges for their dedication to the industry. The ‘Night of Beauty’ was a grand event! Look out for the April Marie Claire for more… on sale 15 March.

March also brings with it two shows, ISAPS and Professional Beauty Cape Town and we are excited to continue our commitment to combatting the Signs of Aging, the Innovative OPTIPHI way.

Finally keep your eyes open as we are running an Active Skin special, you can find out more about it by visiting your local stockist or via our Facebook page!


All our love ♥

optiphi® team

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march NL

Stimulate cellular skin processesmarch NL

Designed to be light but still deliver high concentrations of actives that draw rapidly into the skin and not leave a residue!

Key Concept

The Activegels are made of Active Skincare formulations that stimulate the cellular skin processes to see a change in your skin.The formula of our Activegels is light and grease-free which means it is suited for all skin types. This means everyone can benefit from our cellular rejuvenating technology.

High concentration of actives

The pump action applicator allows you to dispense just the right amount. A small amount is all you need for optimum efficiency. That is because each product in the Activegel range contains such a high concentration of actives. You do not need to lather your face any longer. One single pump will deliver all the actives your skin needs to reverse the 7 signs of ageing.

What products are in the range?


As the years go by, our eyes get affected by the process of ageing and the skin around your eyes tends to make you look older or tired. This aged and tired look is further enhanced with our stressful lifestyle and poor diet or lack of sleep.

The OPTIPHI Eyesigns Activegel is simply brilliant at reducing the signs of aging around the eyes, improving the quality of the skin around the eyes, improving the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and decreasing puffiness around the eyes. Our high intensity formula specially designed to target the sensitive eye area. The skin around your eyes will be plumped up from the inside and thus will no longer show fine lines and wrinkles.

Its role is also to improve circulation, which means no more puffy eyes and unpleasant dark circles. You won’t have to worry about looking under the weather, tired or grumpy.

Dermintense Activegel – COLLAGEN & ELASTIN KICK-START

The OPTIPHI Dermintense Activegel is a collagen and elastin enhancement therapy that provides maximum protection against UV damage at a cellular level. This is a key anti-ageing element especially for us living in South Africa, especially if you recognise that our skin does need a shield against the powerful sun. The Dermintense Activegel helps to increase the cells ability to produce enzymes and proteins, which in turn, improves the overall condition of the skin. Peptides, activates collagen and elastin production, builds skin matrix, and protects the skin against 7 signs of aging.

Ageless Activegel – ANTI-OXIDANT BOOST!

This product is a star when it comes to slowing down the ageing process in the skin and rejuvenating your skin to a more youthful appearance. The Ageless Activegel is a potent anti-oxidant gel that fights off free radicals that add to premature aging and as a bonus it boosts collagen production in the skin.

Here at OPTIPHI we love the Ageless Activegel because it directly slows down the aging process caused by the sun and inflammation. But that’s not all: It also protects against cellular stress.

Ageless Activegel is an anti-aging calming complex designed to decrease collagen and elastin breakdown. It also calms the response symptoms caused by free radicals/UV exposure, reduces redness and enhances cellular DNA health.


For more information on the OPTIPHI range of Activegels, please visit our Facebook page or make contact with your nearest stockist. Throughout March 2013 we are promoting the Activegel range at our stockists and a lucky few visitors to Facebook may also be rewarded with spot prizes.

march NL

march NL

Professional Beauty Cape Town 17-18 March 2013

ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) 15-17 March 2013

Professional Beauty Cape Town is being held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 17-18 March 2013. We will be there showcasing our products with interactive demonstrations and FREE treatment sessions.

Active Skincare Sessions

At Professional Beauty Cape Town 2013 we will be hosting a number of demonstrations and if the turn out last year is anything to go by then we cannot wait. Topics to be covered:

• Active Skincare – taking control of pigmentation

• Skin Rejuvenating treatments

• Professional optiphi Skin Rejuvenation Peeling Treatments

• Focus on Anti-Aging – working through the five mechanisms of skin aging

Demo’s and Giveaways

Throughout the day we will be awarding spot-prize giveaways on the stand. Last year Jeanette, one of our staff therapists and Monique the Gauteng Optiphi trainer performed an acne treatment on a lucky passer-by and we will provide similar opportunities at this year’s Cape Town show, all you need to do is pop past to stand a chance to win.

If you are acne prone, please drop us line via the website or via Facebook and we will let you know our acne treatment protocol.

Treatment Stations

This year Professional Beauty has allowed a treatment station and we will be offering free Hand Peels and Hand Massages. Aged hands are a dead giveaway of your true age but thanks to Optiphi Hand Peels you will reduce the effect of chronological ageing and see a visible improvement in the skin texture on your hands. Our Hand Massages will promote Restore Massage Therapy. Remember to book your treatment at the OPTIPHI stand.

Stay in touch

If you do undergo any treatment or enjoy an Active Skincare Session, please let us know about it on the Facebook page. We are currently running some specials and competitions on the page, just for extra incentive.

ISAPS Cape Town 15-17 March 2013

ISAPS is a congress exclusively for registered Plastic Surgeons in South Africa. Optiphi will be showcasing our products and treatments to expand their availability within the cosmetic surgery industry.

Exclusive treatments

The OPTIPHI Medical Peeling Treatments offer patients an opportunity to experience OPTIPHI at its most active. Of course this means working with trusted and experienced practitioners and who better than a fully qualified plastic surgeon. We will keep you updated as to the success of the congress and will gladly provide you with the details of all the registered OPTIPHI Plastic Surgeons should you want to visit their rooms.

march NL

World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine 2013, Cape Town

The World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine was a raging success for OPTIPHI and we would like to thank all the doctors who visited our stand. Although the show was not open to the public, the training, workshops and product showcases will benefit all patients working with their doctors using OPTIPHI Professional Products.

International Exposure

With 50% of the attendees being international OPTIPHI have further expanded their footprint internationally with a number of delegates agreeing to become international stockists of the OPTIPHI range. This proves once again the quality of the OPTIPHI brand and product selection.

We provided training workshops to better assist doctors achieve results with tough skin problems like pigmentation and acne scaring. We also used our local experts to guide new doctors to the OPTIPHI range how best to prescribe the correct homecare products to enhance their aesthetic treatments.

These workshops and lectures will benefit our loyal OPTIPHI clients and we are committed to the continuation of our educational presence for skincare excellence.

march NL


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