Welcome to our first newsletter for 2013! 

Happy New Year from all of us at OPTIPHI!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are now fully rested and ready to start this New Year the best way – with great skin. May your skin appear wrinkle free and be healthy from the inside out.

We welcome in the New Year with news that all is not lost on the skin care front. OPTIPHI offers you “skin rescue”; a combination of homecare and professional products available at our salons to get your skin back on track.

With optiphi® Skin Care Range you will be ready to face all that 2013 can throw at you. This year we will also be rewarding our loyal fans with Facebook giveaways and prizes. All you need to do is stay in touch via our Facebook page and you stand a chance of winning.

December saw us give away OPTIPHI products – the Award Winning 2in1 dual pack.  We can’t wait to show what’s next.

Be blessed this year!
All our love ♥
optiphi® team
012 667 6244 | info@optiphi.com


Welcome Notice
A Fresh Skin Start to 2013
WCAM (World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine)
Eyesigns Active Gel
Sneak Peek (Exfoliate Special)

A Fresh Skin Start to 2013

A new year means a FRESH SKIN START. In 2013 we would love for you to experience the optiphi® Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for rejuvenated, refined and resurfaced skin. Celebrations take a toll on your skin – skin often suffers due to holiday partying and overindulgence but this month is all about aesthetic skin resurfacing: a professional skin rejuvenation treatment that will reset your skin’s foundations and give you the refreshed glow it needs.

For all skin types and conditions

The optiphi® Professional Skin Rejuvenation Treatment offers the ultimate skincare solution by combining the regenerative capabilities of glycolic acid with a range of potent actives to promote true skin rejuvenation. The optiphi Skin Rejuvenation Peel is the first peeling system to offer a solution to all skin conditions by combining the regenerative capabilities of Glycolic acid and intense hydrating actives.

The anti-aging chemical peeling treatment is designed to:

• Visibly refine skin texture

• Improve hydration

• Address hyperpigmentation

• Reduce 7 signs of aging

This means that you can easily and painlessly rescue your skin from the late night parties, overindulgence and environmental damage, whilst also enjoying the benefits that the Skin Rejuvenation Treatment offers:

• Reduce the Signs of Aging

• Improve Skin Texture

• Improve Skin Hydration

• Refines Enlarged Pores

Added bonus

With the optimal combination of actives it makes sense that this treatment will also offer a few added bonuses. We only work with proven active ingredients to achieve our desired results and here are some of the positive added bonuses.


• Stimulates Cellular Activity

• Increases Dermal Thickness

• Increases Collagen Synthesis

• Improves Skin Elasticity & Firmness

• Addresses Hyperpigmentation

The optiphi® Skin Rejuvenation Treatment sounds like the skin rescue treatment everyone needs, call us now or enquire via Facebook for a therapist near you.

WCAM (World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine)

optiphi jan newsletter

WCAM: Cape Town 14-16 February 2013

The UIME (Union International de Medecine Esthetique) hosts the world congress every 2nd year in a different country.

This is the 1st time in history that this world congress is being held in an African and it is probably the most important aesthetic medical event ever in Southern Africa.

OPTIPHI are proud to be there, representing our award winning products to doctors from around the world.

Over 1000 aesthetic medical professionals from over 30 countries will join us in Cape Town from the 14th – 16th February.

The 19th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine 2013 will focus on a strong scientific program combined with teaching, training and live workshops to educate doctors from all over the world on the latest trends, new techniques, discoveries, products and devices in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. And this is where we at OPTIPHI excel!

The strong congress program will be the major factor attracting delegates to attend the event. The scientific committee is made up of experts from various countries who understand the educational and business needs of physicians in the industry.

The exhibition will be a showcase of international companies from various continents with products, devices and techniques relating to aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. optiphi® looks forward to showcase our award winning products at this important event

Eyesigns Active Gel

optiphi jan newsletter

Complete Eye Care

Dark circles around your eyes? Late December parties and early January mornings after the holidays leave your eyes looking tired, heavy and with tell-tale sign of fatigue – the dark bags under your eyes. They might be there from all that holiday laughter and sharing wonderful memories with family and friends, but all we know is that come the first day back in the office, we all want them gone.

And gone they shall be…. The Eyesigns Activegel improves the quality of the skin and circulation around the eyes. This improves fine wrinkles, firmness, dark circles and puffiness.

This means a simple OPTIPHI addition to your routine and voila! no more puffy eyes and dark circles.

Treating the whole eye

In true OPTIPHI fashion, Eyesigns Activegel was designed to remove and reduce dark circles and puffy eyes with proven actives for a predictable result. Eyesigns Activegel is suitable for all type of skin.

The OPTIPHI team have also included in the Eyesigns Activegel actives to reduce the visibility of crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles around the eye.

The perfect 2013 skin pick me up

Skin rescue is part of everyone’s New Year Resolution. OPTIPHI has the solution for all skin issues and Eyesigns Activegel is a top performer. Start your year off looking fresh, awake and refreshed with optiphi’s Eyesigns Activegel. Don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page and you might just be selected to win an Eyesigns Activegel before the end of January 2013.


It’s a rockstar eye gel that does pretty much everything you’d expect from an eye gel, including; reducing the signs of aging around the eyes, improving the quality of the skin around the eyes, improving the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and decreasing puffiness around the eyes.

Sneak Peak

With OPTIPHI ♥ – Our February special just for you

optiphi jan newsletter


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