The Valentines Newsletter – February Edition

Love is in the air, and it’s no different at OPTIPHI. So much so that we are calling February our Skin Romance month…. Yes, we believe in Valentines the whole month through.

Why? Well because with our help you can have that lovely smooth skin for your perfect Valentines date and also for the entire year.

Also coming up this month is the World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Cape Town. The first time this prestigious congress will be held in South Africa, and optiphi is looking forward to showcase our award winning products at this important event.

Finally keep your eyes open as we are running a Skin Romance special, you can find out more about it by visiting your local stockist or via our Facebook page.

All our love ♥

optiphi® team

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Romance Duo

feb newsletter

Smooth, cleansed and exfoliated skin

Ever wandered what the perfect skin start to the day would be? Well, it is a question that we have been asked countless times via our website and Facebook page. So we decided to answer it for you and the consensus is not what you would expect.

A combination start to the day…

For ultimate skin care and a perfect skin start to the day we were divided at OPTIPHI by two products, but then agreed that they are so intertwined that the combination of the OPTIPHI Facial Cleanser and Muslin Cloth would be the perfect skin start to any day. Let us explain why?

OPTIPHI Facial Cleanser

Our Facial Cleanser brings deep cleansing & soothing comfort; it cleanses and removes impurities without disturbing the barrier integrity of the skin, desensitizes irritation to the skin and provides light chemical exfoliation. Yes, all that in a daily cleanser, but there is more:

Our Facial Cleanser is also a soap-free formulation that minimizes skin irritation and thus is suitable for all skin types and conditions, and can be used multiple times through the day. You can see why some of the team were divided into supporting the Facial Cleanser in our OPTIPHI perfect skin starts shoot-off!

But let’s hear more about the Muslin Cloth.

OPTIPHI Muslin Cloth

What is a muslin cloth? In a few words, it is the perfect accessory to remove dull surfaces through an exfoliation to ensure a smooth skin texture. It is more than just a facecloth and you will feel the difference from the moment you utilize it in your daily routine.

The muslin cloth exfoliates your skin gently and in doing so, improves the texture of your skin. This beautifully soft cloth smoothes the superficial layer of the skin while cleansing at the same time thanks to your gentle motions.

The physical resurfacing that the cloth adds to your beauty routine is the best way to complete your daily cleansing process. The muslin cloth lifts and helps remove superficial dead skin cells! This way, cleansers, creams and serums can penetrate properly into your skin for optimum efficiency. Now you can see why this accessory was competing with the OPTIPHI Facial Cleanser for top spot.

Combination for best results

Use the Facial Cleanser to deeply cleanse, calm skin irritation, remove impurities and provide gentle chemical exfoliation. Then combine that with the benefits of the Muslin cloth and voila….

Our OPTIPHI facial cleanser promotes:

• Skin Barrier Integrity

• Gentle Surface Exfoliation

• A soothing beta-hydroxy wash

Also, it is gentle enough to remove make-up from the eye area whilst washing your face!

Combined with our Muslin Cloth to remove dull surfaces through mechanical exfoliation. This ensures maximum absorption of actives during your moisture regime and your perfect skin start has the perfect routine.

For information, pricing or our Skin Romance special on this Romance Duo then please stay in touch with us via our Facebook page.

Professional Peeling – OPTIPHI Skin Rejuvenation Peel

In a world where Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers take centre stage, there has always been one unsung hero that stood the test of time…. And will continue to stand strong. We are talking about the humble chemical peel.

A chemical peel is the aesthetic industry standard to improve the appearance of the skin by hastening the natural skin exfoliation process. The OPTIPHI approach is unique as our chemical peeling treatment is specifically geared to treat the visible signs of aging – having a skin firming effect and promoting collagen synthesis.

The beauty of the chemical peel is that it serves as the perfect preparation treatment for any anti-aging routine.

The OPTIPHI Skin Rejuvenation Peel is the first peeling system to offer a solution to multiple skin conditions, by combining the regenerative capabilities of Glycolic acid with the intensely hydrating qualities of the “actives” used in OPTIPHI products.

Glycolic acid peels can be performed on any skin type. Now all skin types can benefit from skin restoration, smooth skin appearance and a youthful complexion.



• Hyperpigmentation

• Wrinkles and unwanted fine lines

• Photo aging

• Facial Blemishes

• Uneven skin pigmentation

• Brown spots and age spots

• Sun damaged skin

• Uneven skin texture

• Dry and flaking skin

Available at your OPTIPHI Therapist

The OPTIPHI Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is available nationwide at your favorite stockist. Please make contact via our Facebook page for information about a stockist near you.

Education: What to expect during a Chemical Peel procedure

Knowledge makes the procedure more comfortable

Before a chemical peel procedure

• Your extensive history should be taken, taking into consideration factors that might affect the chemical peeling procedure. You will be questioned about general health status; medications such as oral isotretinoin (Roaccutane); smoking status; previous cosmetic

procedures, such as surgical lifts or fluid silicone injections; recurrent fever blister outbreaks etc.

• The Skin should be evaluated to determine the skin type, skin thickness and skin oiliness.

• You will be educated on what to expect during and after the skin rejuvenation peel.

• The Chemical Peel Consent form is signed.

During a chemical peel procedure

• The skin is cleansed thoroughly to remove surface sebum, make-up and facial products. This is done to ensure an even absorption of the peeling agent and products applied to the skin during the procedure.

• Pre-conditioning of the skin is done to limit possible redness, swelling and irritation.

• The peeling agent is applied evenly to the skin surface for a period of time, after which it is neutralized.

• For added benefits post-treatment is done with a suitable serum and mask.

After a chemical peel procedure

• Aftercare products will be prescribed to enhance the effects of the chemical peel and to ensure favorable outcomes. Homecare products will hydrate, treat and soothe the skin.

• You will finally be advised on the use of sun protection, which is imperative post chemical peeling.



A reminder to Join optiphi® at WCAM for more about Anti-Aging precision




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